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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Adonal Foyle

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The longest tenured Warrior is now gone. Adonal Foyle, you will be missed, not for your basketball skills, but for the energy you brought back into the arena during blowouts. The game could be out of hand and people might be leaving for the exits, but you were always ready for those last 2 minutes of glory. With the crowd chanting "We want Foyle", the people in the aisles heading for the exits would stop and turn hoping to catch a glimpse of your skills. I've never seen a bench player consistently receive so much good will from the crowd. We all wanted you to do well and here's hoping that you do well in Boston, Orlando, or where ever it is you may go.

Foyle's patented move: Make your face look like the ball

Adonal was the man at Colgate U. So much so, that we picked him over some random high schooler whose name sounds like a McDonalds sandwich, McGravy. Looks like we made the right move, since over their careers, our guy has more blocks and a higher field goal percentage.

Is this true? Adonal Foyle has never attempted a 3 point shot in a regular season game? His Yahoo player profile shows him taking 0. I find that hard to believe since he works on that half court shot all the time. I just figured he shot out there because the three point line was too easy for him.

Anyways, our grades for the GOAT after the jump...

Even though 2 of the greatest centers battle each other on the court…

They’re still great friends off of it.

Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: B-
The Warriors' human victory cigar. "We Want Foyle!" rolling through the Arena crowd always meant the Warriors had taken care of business. His game never really fit Nellie's master plan but he couldn't have been a better teammate and member of the community. If only we weren't paying him $9 million next year to be such a nice guy.

Fun Score: 8
His kung fu kick was an essential part of the team's pregame rituals.

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: F
Nellie asked Adonal to do just a few things when he put him in- rebound the ball, try to block every shot, and set good picks- of which he did none. If Foyle worked hard on his game and improved during the past in the 9 seasons he wouldn't be in this predicament, but he didn't so he is. I wonder if anyone's dumb enough to trade for him and the remaining $19+ million left on his deal (ahem, Larry Bird, Donnie Walsh, Danny Ainge, Mitch Kupchak, and Kevin McHale we're looking at you). Citizen Foyle's an awful NBA player, but a great guy.

Fun Score: 10
It must be really embarrassing for the other team when they hear those "We want Foyle!" chants. The entire arena's basically chanting "(insert team city) sucks!".

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: C+
I feel bad for the guy. In preparation for Nellie ball, Foyle lost enough weight you would have thought he was on Extreme Makeover. Yet, he just didn't have the prerequisites to really find a place in the rotation. But, how bad can you feel for a guy who's making 7-8 million dollars a year reading to kids and being POB's mentor? I guess we should be more sad for POB.

Fun Score: 10
Because he’s Foyle.

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: F
Rather than get an A for Adonal, he gets an F for Foyle. Talk about a drain on your salary cap! The only time I enjoy seeing him in the game is if we're up by 20 with 3 minutes to go. Then I feel good chanting "We Want Foyle!" Other than that, he's just an overpaid cheerleader.

Fun Score: 5
Because that’s how many minutes $9 million dollars averages per game


Grade: C
DEMOCRACY NOW! Basketball second... I only gave him a C because a: He's a nice guy. I fear Zorgons wrath.

Fun Score: 0
There’s nothing funny about how much money we wasted on Foyle riding the pine this year.


Grade: C-
How can I flunk the nicest guy on the team? What he does for the community warrants a C-.

Fun Score: 10
Best looking guy on the team

Overall Grade: D+

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And you thought Tony Parker had a nice teardrop runner

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Goodbye Adonal. It was great having you on the team. Not because of your basketball skills, but because there was always someone to get excited about during blowouts.

What grade would you give Adonal Foyle?

2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards

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