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Introducing... R Dizzle : Are you ready for some football?!

Two sport athletes have always intrigued me. There's been the flat out studs with their superior all world athletic talents and mental sharpness with respect to their sports that never ceased to amaze me. The expressions Bo Knows and Prime Time come to mind.

Bo Jackson

Royal by day. Raider by Sunday.

You know the A's really should have had Bo play with Big Mac and Jose Says So back at the turn of the decade... the Bo Bash Brothers! It would have made his commute a lot easier. OAK to LA and if he didn't have that nasty injury OAK to OAK a few short years later.

Move over George Foreman Grill!

By the way, did Nike have one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time with Bo Jackson in the late 80's and early 90's or what? Check out these slammin' posters which I'm sad to say I only owned one of [via]:






Deion Sanders

deion.jpg   Before Michael Vick (let's just say I wouldn't call him my dogg), Ludacris, and even Jermaine Dupri (Janet what are you thinking?!), Deion Sanders OWNED Hotlanta.

He also made an unforgettable pit stop in the Bay...

SF = Shut down Forty Niner

Did Deion have the biggest, most showboating strides to the endzone or what?
He rubbed it in the QB's he intercepted like no other.


There were also some two sport attempts that still have us scratching our heads with Michael Jordan being the poster boy.

My guess is Air Jordan hit nothing but air here.

And of course those who were tempted of their love and skills for another sport, but never actually officially joined another professional league. Former Warrior Troy Murphy was a baseball big timer in another life.

Big League Double Double Bubble.

Terell Owens has always said he has a big hoops heart. The Maloof brothers are said to have offered him a tryout for the Sacrapmento Kings.

With more dropped passes than former Warrior "great" Adonal Foyle,
would TO lead the NBA in TO's?

Can you imagine if this man did those wildly entertaining TD celebrations after every single basket he scored? If you thought BD's "check out my lift strap" and Jax's "brush yo shoulders off" after the "Do You Believe Now?!" on AK47 was funny, imagine the endless possibilities with T.O. on the court.

Whether it's the Mavs or Cowboys, straight up- Dallas sucks.
The Bay OWNZ Dallas.

Speaking of two sport attempts, aren't you glad Matt Barnes decided to give the NBA one last shot last summer instead of trying out for the NFL?

Alex- please master the art of the TD:INT ratio before trying hoops.

(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)


murphy-baseball-sports.jpg   At GSoM we've always been capable of being 2 or more sport blog-athletes. We've always ranked high when we've had the chance to compete in a tri-blog-athon or dec-blog-athon. The problem has been mostly scheduling conflicts with our busy NBA season, training camp, playoffs, and intense offseason workout regimen (it's funny how the local papers can't even compete with us in the offseason!). It's sad because Golden State of Football aka GSoF was a tremendous hit.

Our starting 5 plus Tony.psd keeping us in a Golden State of Design and holding down the Web Pins has been running game on the hardwood, but MIA from the gridiron. It's time to change all that with our newest edition to the crew. To bring back our coverage of The National Football League to GSoM we're adding on to the fam by bringing on one of the fam. We're bringing on a real deal two sport blog-athlete (think Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, not MJ).

Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for the one and only younger brother of Atma Brother #1 (no really he's my only younger brother)...

R Dizzle!!

The man's a Yay Area native and has been dishing out cheap Denver Bronco-like cut blocks and chop blocks since the age of 10 in tackle football leagues that my mom would never let me play in, but would let him for some odd reason. (Um, but I have to say this pretty boy is happy to have played flag football thank you very much.) By weekday he's engineering ways to regrow damaged tissues and organs up at UC Hickvis (still can't believe they beat St. Anford in our house), but by Sunday he's a lazy bum on the couch watching a full day's worth of football by flipping back and forth between the NFL game day previews on ESPN, Fox, and CBS, then watching the 10am game, the 1pm game, the night game, and the highlights- only getting up to answer the door for the pizza delivery guy. Oh I should add he spends late Sunday night till Sunday 9:59am frantically adjusting his fantasy football lineups in an attempt to outhink and out-strategize (oh my, look what my time in India has done to me- is that even a word?) myself and Fantasy Junkie in fantasy football, but fails miserably of course.

R Dizzle is going to revive the football culture here at GSoM by bringing back the extremely popular weekly Picks and Posts section as well as dropping some division previews and NFL predictions to countdown opening kickoff. I've heard from both Coach Nolan and Coach Kiffin that this also means the Niners and Raiders will be returning to the NFL Playoffs this year.

Niner Faithful- R Dizzle's got you covered.


The Black Hole- R Dizzle's got you covered.


Are you ready for some R Dizzle? Are you ready for some (Golden State of) Football?

Make sure to show the newest member of the GSoM fam a golden welcome in the comments!




Also, don't sleep on our SBN brothers Fooch (dropping golden knowledge) and Saint (holding it down for the silver and black) this entire NFL season and beyond.

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