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GSoM YouTube, Tuesday: The short end of the stick speaks.

Once upon a time there was a trade between the Pacers and the Warriors. And all of the Bay Area rejoiced, for they saw that it was good! For gifted up us was Stephen Jackson, in all of his glory and passion. And behold, we were given Al Harrington, who played a solid role in our success in the 06-07 season.

Yet perhaps the biggest reason to throw our arms up in joy stemmed from the cleansing of our team from giant contracts belonging to substandard players. And we saw that it was good.

As the Bay sipped on the sweet nectar of benefit, the basketball universe turned to Indiana and in one voice cried out, "Dude. Seriously?!"

Below are their answers. Ironically, they are as substandard as the players they received.

Enjoy your "rebounding"!!

UPDATE: Okay this has NOTHING to do with basketball. But it just came across my desk and it’s… well… it’s just fantastic.

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