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GSoF: 2007 NFC East Preview

Dallas Cowboys

I hate to admit it, but this team looks good. I also hate to admit it, but T.O. still has it. As much as I hate this team and all that it stands for, they have a shot at doing something great this year. Although Tony Romo is scarred for life after last year's playoff loss, he, unfortunately, will make a comeback. Everything rests on the shoulders of new coach Wade Phillips, and it seems like the players are accepting him. Even #81...

"Well, he calls me Terrell. He calls me by my name. He treats us like men. When a guy treats you like that, you want to play harder for him."

Just out of curiosity, what did Parcells call you, T.O.? Butterfingers?

Prediction: 11-5 (NFC East Division Champion)

Don't cry man, Jessica Simspson will come back - Just ask Nick Lachey.

Philadelpha Eagles

I have never seen anyone with such a big chip on his shoulder as Donovan McNabb, First, there was drama with T.O. Last year, he was producing HUGE numbers until he tore a ligament in his knee last year ending his illustrious season. During the offseason, the Eagles drafted pretty boy Kevin Kolb and released McNabb's good friend Jeremiah Trotter. And how does McNabb feel?

"I'm shocked," McNabb said. "I'm truly shocked."

I feel as though this man has nothing to prove, yet everyone wants him to prove something. After Jeff Garcia finished the season last year with a playoff win for the Eagles, Philly managers and fans alike are questioning whether McNabb is still necessary for this team to succeed. He knows the truth, his teammates know the truth, and now its time for the NFL to know the truth. One man doesn't make a team, but he can make the heart and soul of the team. With everything Donovan has gone through, it's his time to shine.

PLEASE not again!

Prediction: 10-6 (NFC Wild Card)

Washington Redskins

It's gotta be better than 5-11, right? Definitely. Jason Campbell is looking better and he has some Mighty Mite WRs (Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El, Brandon Lloyd). Injury-prone Clinton Portis will get some much-needed help in the backfield from Ladell Betts and their defense now has the top young safety tandem in the NFL with the drafting of LaRon Landry to play alongside Sean Taylor.

But how far can an inexperienced QB take a team? Not far enough!

Prediction: 8-8

He can do more than this, right?

New York Giants

Every time I watch Eli Manning in action, I swear he's about to piss his pants. This man lacks the confidence to lead this team to the playoffs and is nothing like his brother or his father. I give him credit for speaking out against Tiki Barber, but that won't save him or his team this year. Tiki Barber retired, Michael Strahan is back but still unhappy, Amani Toomer is still trying to recover from his injury, and their defense in general is lacking.

Prediction 7-9

By the way, remember how the Chargers were going to draft Eli Manning but were then forced to trade him to the Giants for Phillip Rivers and two future draft picks? Those draft picks turned into Shawne Merriman and Nate Kaeding - both Pro Bowlers. How does it feel now Giants?

What are you so confused about? It's pretty simple man, nobody likes you.

Who do you think is going to be the NFC East champion?

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