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Rumor: Barnes Will Sign on Monday

Breaking news...(breaking news noise, doo doo doo)...GSoM friend, pree, is reporting that Matt "Big Shot" Barnes is going to sign with the Warriors tomorrow. Pree told me he just talked to Barnes and it's going to go down.

Basketball News has confirmed that Matt Barnes has agreed to return to the Golden State Warriors on a one-year deal. Barnes said he will sign his contract on Monday.
For more Matt Barnes dicussion, check out Gain on 10's diary, Rumor: Barnes and Warriors have reached agreement.


For a little reminder on Big Shot Barnes, check out this fan's video of Barnes putting the nail in Dallas' coffin.

I love Matt Barnes. Even though he's not from Oakland (he's actually from Citrus Heights, CA), his game fits in so well with how The Town gets down. He's all hustle, is tough, and is just dirty (in a good way of course). He works hard and doesn't take anything from anybody. Basketball wise, he is a great piece for this team. He fits in well as a bench player because he can do many things. He can handle the rock enough that he can bring it up the court like a PG. He also has a knack for the clutch if you remember the big 3's he hit against Dallas in the playoffs. Then there's his defense. He fits in well with Nellie's attacking defense. Since he hustles so much he gets his hands in guys' faces, deflects some passes, and block a shot every now and then. I have no doubt he's working on his game this offseason and is going to come back stronger than before.

Welcome back Matt, we're glad to have you back for another year. Also, good job Mully on bringing back a key piece of last year's team.

Oh yea, and don't forget this one. Just makes you go "Oh my god!"

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