Attacking the new, unspoken-for women  who are on the 2007-2008 team is tactless, classless, malicious, and rude. None of them walked into the audition saying "I want to replace the vets." Heck, the majority of them probably didn't even think they had a chance making the team, let alone being picked over old veterans. Yet, fans are unwilling to accept a new bunch?     Your old favorites were once newbies and you gave them a chance then-how can you be so close-minded now and not accept the new girls-who haven't even stepped foot on the court yet?

To be a part of a team of this caliber, not only does talent and image have to be above par, but articulation, professionalism, dedication, and personality play a big role in this job as well. Performing at home games is only about 35% of the actual job duties-the majority of the job consists of multiple practices, photo shoots, volunteer work, and promotional events-both on and off the court, game days or not. Therefore-if the judges see potential or Heaven forbid, BETTER qualities in new girls over the old, don't discount the new girls because they replaced the old. Why wouldn't the fans want the total package? And if these old girls made life for the coach such a living Hell, why would anyone want to admire a dancer with an ugly, evil, malicious personality? And KIDS are supposed to look up to these dramatic-soap opera starring dancers?

As for stereotypes, people, wake up. It is 2007. The stereotypical "cheerleader" or "dancer" is not a fake-breasted, bleached blonde, player-chasing ditz. As said above, looks and talent are not the only tickets to the team. Women on these teams-from NFL to NBA nationwide-are independent, intelligent, charismatic, sophisticated, well-spoken, ambitious, and grounded. Just because they are out on the court or a field in short shorts and a half top does not justify them as slutty-it's a costume. Dancers wear costumes-you know, just like how basketball players wear uniforms? Now if they were walking around the town, sporting the costume, that'd be a different story.

Many women in this industry hold a full-time job whilst dancing or cheering for a professional team. With college degrees in the works or completed, the intelligence of a dancer should not be discounted just because the women are talented in other aspects of life. This is a job-the women are there to do their job-just like you do your job everyday. Just because their job happens to be entertaining over 17,000+ people doesn't mean they lack any personality traits, smarts, social skills, or are easy.

Maybe you should try and actually have a conversation with a Warrior Girl in the future.... You MIGHT just have to correct that stereotypical image you have in your small, narrow-minded brain.

And to personally attack their looks by name in remarks in this venue.... is totally inappropriate. Why don't you all post YOUR pictures with the snide remarks?

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