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GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Pay Him. Pay That Man His Money.

What does the 2007/2008 season hold in store for the Warriors? With some bold off-season moves, is it feasible to think that we are going to maintain our newly acquired contender status? Are we simply going to slide back into the realm of mediocrity once again?

On one side of the coin our hopes are infused in a team that seems to be getting younger and younger with every move we make. On the other, we’ve seen the maturation, both mentally and physically, of players like Monta and Biedrins; players who will need to start to lead this team rather than follow.

But behind it all we pin our hopes to the man. The Coach. The man who took the flaws of a poorly organized Warriors team and helped each player recognize their potential. The man that not only took the Warriors to the post-season, but made them a feared name among the NBA elite once they were there.

So this week we dug up a little Nellie piece (shot last season before the playoffs) to remind all of us that behind every talented player, there should be a Nelly Belly.

Cough it up Cohan. He’s worth every penny.

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