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Nellie Heads to Hawaii

Will we see this again?

Nellie is back where he was a just over year ago, Hawaii. This time he's got a contract with the Warriors and trying to get more money for his franchise face-saving job he did last year. He'll be sippin' pina coladas (or is it Bud Light) on the beach while his agent and Chris Cohan try to hammer out a deal.

So far, Nelson's attempt to renegotiate the remainder of the three-year deal he signed in August 2006 has resembled a high-stakes poker game for much of the summer. If that's true, this is his all-in moment...

Sources in the Nelson camp have said for months that the emotional coach could easily decide to stay in Maui rather than return for another grueling NBA season at the age of 67. But one member of the Warriors organization said the coach unequivocally stated last month that he'd be back for the upcoming season.

To me, this is just a negotiating ploy to possibly scare Cohan into giving him what he wants. Nellie doesn't want to leave and Cohan wants him to stay. Eventually the two sides will make it happen. Nellie will budge from his salary increase and Cohan and co will budge from their stance of no salary increase. The two sides will compromise on a deal and Nellie will once again be the Warriors coach. Now, whether this current team can even make the playoffs is another discussion, but Nellie will surely help that cause.

But, I've uncovered Nellie's real reason for this "retreat back home." It just makes it easier on Nellie when training camp opens in Hawaii as it always does. Nellie will already be there soaking in the sun and getting drunk on the beach. When October rolls around, he'll just hop on a plane from Maui to Oahu to meet the team for camp. I He's just thinking ahead as all great coaches do. Get to Hawaii ahead of time and begin to prepare for training camp. Yup, that's it.

Where's my Bud Light?

Thanks to raymondtee for posting the link originally in his post, Unhappy Nellie headed to Hawaii.

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