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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Monta Ellis

Ellis to the RIM!
-- Bob Fitzgerald

Oh my gawd! That still gets me pumped up. I love how when he flushes it. You can hear how hard he throws it down as the rim rattles and Fitz simultaneously yelling "Ellis to the Rim!" as his voice strains to get as loud as he wants it to. Wait let me go watch it one more time…Okay, I’ve calmed down now. Whew. What a great outlet pass by Dunleavy.

Monta report card is all about multimedia and the wonder that is youtube. There’s not a whole lot I can say in words that can describe the kid. He’s got to work on a few things this offseason and not rely so much on his athleticism, but he’s so damn good already.

Hello rim

Okay one more video to get me and you amped. This is his national coming out party, the Rookie-Sophomore game.

Make the jump for the grades.

I'm diggin' Sleepy's work and JRich 4 MVP's vision.

"I knew it was gonna go in when it left my hands"
-- Monta

Monta Ellis – All Access

Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: B+
Monta plays with so much poise and confidence that it's easy to forget how young he is, leading many to judge him under the strict standards you'd use for a veteran player. There were times this season when Monta carried the team on his slight frame, which shouldn't be overlooked despite his playoff woes. More worrisome to me than the end of the season fade is what position he ultimately plays. He doesn't have the handles yet for a PG and seems small for a SG. But he does put the ball in the hoop, and that'll earn you a spot in this league.

Fun Score: 7
Would have been a 10 if he had ever publicly performed the (in)famous Monta-shuffle.

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: A-
Putting aside that choke job in 10 of the 11 Warriors' playoff games, Monta had a pretty spectacular season out of nowhere. I'm a little surprised he beat out Utah Jazz point guard Deron Williams for the Most Improved Player award, but there's no denying Monta was a worthy recipient of the trophy with his big improvements in finishing drives to the basket, knocking down that midrange jumper consistently, and picking pockets on D. It's amazing how Monta put up 16.5pg and 4.1apg this year in spite of his suspect handles, careless passing, questionable decisions with the rock, and inability to hit the 3-ball. I'm not sold that he's a superstar in the making or Gilbert Arenas Part II, but I do see him as a top 6th man or 3rd guard in the rotation for years to come on a winning ballclub.

Fun Score: 7
Ellis to the... RIM!

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: B
Does winning the MIP award mean Monta's career trajectory will follow former Warrior fan favorite, Gilbert Arenas (who also one the MIP)? Probably not. Despite his horrendous shooting in the playoffs, Monta generally was one of the better mid-range shooters on this team. Yet, for a guy his size, you kind of expect better guard play. Highly turnover prone -- shaky handles and passing -- you begin to wonder if the ceiling is a little lower than expected.

Fun Score: 7

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: B+
From 2nd round pick to earning Most Improved Player award, no not Gilbert Arenas, this is Monta Ellis. He started to get national attention with the NASTY throwdown on Leandro Barbosa. His incredible performance in the Rookie-Sophomore game put him in a whole new light for the entire NBA world. The kid is super quick and can finish with the best of them. He broke down a little in the playoffs, but he's sure to bounce back next year with more arsenal in his game.

Fun Score: 10
Never get tired of the Ellis on Barbosa dunk


Grade: A
MIP for the league? That's what I'm talking about kid! I said it last year and I'll say it again this year. We are going to see big big things from Monta as he matures on the court and makes better decisions with the rock. He is literally overflowing with speed and natural talent. If he keeps this growth up, he is soon going to be a premiere point in this league.

Fun Score: 10

Overall Grade: B+

What grade would you give Monta for last season?

They said what?!

We have a winner! MIP!

2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards


Grade: B
Ellis exceeded expectations but I wanted more! I keep replaying the dunk over the suns in my head, and it makes me smile every time. Had he been more consistent maybe we would have beat the Jazz?

Fun Score: 8

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