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GSOM Night 2: Magnitude 10 in the Oracle!

Update: I just spoke with Chris Murphy and he's informed me that the original tickets in the $30 section have sold out. The next set of tickets are $40 (normally $48). They're in a better section so you'll get a better view and they're next to the original section, but are up a level in pricing.

  • Parking or Bart Tickets - $15
  • Hot Dogs and Beer - $25
  • T-Shirt & Foam Finger - $30
  • Realizing you could have purchased GSoM tickets to be with the best fans in the world that included an exclusive T-Shirt and potential give-aways - Crazy ... because you still have time!

Not to beat it into your head, but tickets go on sale to the general public on Sept. 22 which only gives you 10 days left for this exclusive GSoM extravaganza. To date, we've sold 415 tickets! 415 tickets! That surpasses last year's total of 350! A big thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets so far. But we have many more available for sale. Remember these are discounted tickets because we at GSoM want to give back to our loyal readers so please take advantage before they sell out.

On a separate note, I saw this commercial the other day and decided this has to be one of my all time favorite Nike ads. It doesn't include anyone from the Warriors and it's not even basketball related, but I think it gets me pumped up for any kind of sport. I know we're more then a month away from training camp, but I can't explain how excited I am for basketball season! Check it out:

1. Opening Night baby! Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Jazz ... You thought the playoffs were crazy? Wait till you see Warrior fans who have been basketball deprived for months!

2. Free GSoM Night 2 T-shirt
My favorite thing about free shirts is that they are free. Which means if you are broke, they're free. If you are quasi rich, they're still free. If you are loaded with cash, you can tip the guy handing you the free shirt!

3. GSoM Raffle
Look, the Feds want to audit GSoM so we HAVE to get rid of everything. I'm talking about Warriors merchandise, hot (literally? NO!) Warriors memorabilia, and collectible signed Tony.psd posters. People call us crazy but you have a chance for all this ... and much much more.

4. Jumbotron
Ever been on TV? For something good? Thought so!

5. Exclusive Tickets
In 10 days you'll lose out. You know this place will sell out for opening night and this is the only place to buy tickets before the general public. Life is good when you are in the GSoM community.

6. Family Friendly Section
We do our best to make this a family friendly website and so we want to make sure all of our events are the same way. So if you have younger kids or would prefer to be in a section away from the crazed (bordering psycho) Warrior fans like me, we've set it up with the Warriors so that you can sit and enjoy the game how you want to.

To get your exclusive tickets, contact Warriors group ticket sales representative, Chris Murphy.

Update: Tickets in the $30 section have sold out.

Tickets are $40 each (regularly $48) in the Club 200 Sideline sections 230-203 and 214-219. Come sit with the best fans in the Bay. Here's Chris Murphy's contact info:

1) Email him:
2) Download the form

Get your red hot GSoM Night 2 tickets! If you haven't got yours yet, what are you waiting for?

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