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Don Nelson Returns for 1 More Season

Don Nelson is returning for at least one more season. The deal hasn't been formally signed but the terms have been agreed upon.

Don Nelson, the coach who last season helped vault the Warriors back into playoff prominence after a 12-year absence from the Golden State bench, has reached an agreement in principle with the team on a reworked deal that will bring him back for at least one more season.

Nelson, who originally signed a three-year deal in August 2006, relented and accepted the team's initial offer made several weeks ago. His base salary for each of the remaining two years will jump from $3.1 million to $5.1 million, but the final season is now a team option rather than guaranteed cash.

"I'm excited to come back and coach the team," Nelson said. "The Bay Area's perfect for us (Nelson and wife Joy), I love working with Mully (executive vice president Chris Mullin), I love the staff. There's so many positives here."

Finally, the drama is over and the players can all settle in and stop worrying about if they'll have their leader back. Make no mistake about it, the players loved Nellie as their coach and want to play for him. Bringing in a new coach would hae been devastating.

As a fan, it's a relief to know that both sides were able to work out a deal to bring the coach back. Coach Nelson was the one who actually gave in as he accepted the deal the Warriors proposed a few weeks ago. Once again, the front office has gotten what they want at the price they want. It's a good sign that they know how to manage their money, but it would have been a disaster had Nellie just walked away. Seems like a fine line, but so far this offseason, the organization has not been burnt. Is this another sign of better things to come? Cohan, Mullin and co making sound business and basketball related decisions? What has this world come to? It must be opposite day.

This is good for the franchise, good for Nellie, good for the players, good for Keith Smart (1 more year of grooming) and most importantly, good for us fans. It takes a load of worry away and now we can concentrate on the more important things during this offseason like if the Patriots cheated their way to a dynasty, if the Raiders will win a game before the Warriors do, or if vegetarians eat animal crackers (YaoButtaMing's favorite question).

How do you feel? Relieved? Upset? Anxious?

Thanks to BlueNgoldBlood for the scoop in the diary BREAKING NEWS: Don Nelson signed for 2 more yrs and baller90210 and Sleepy Freud for posting links.

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