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GSoF: Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Picks

Man, what a crazy Week 1!

In the first week, key QBs Eli Manning, Steve McNair, and Chad Pennington became sidelined due to injuries, Steve Smith and the Panthers showed that they were ready for business again, and Alex Smith pulled off the most amazing drive of his career. The Raiders showed some spark in the second half, but they were topped by the insane offensive power of the Detroit Lions. Not to mention, 6 games were decided in the last 5 minutes of regulation!

Sadly, players and fans alike saw the reality of the NFL as Kevin Everett, the Buffalo Bills TE, suffered a catastrophic spinal-cord injury . Everyone here at GSoM sends our thoughts and prayers to Kevin Everett and his family.

Congratulations to yiBoo for going 12-4 this week and racking up the highest Ballhype score within the GSoM Community for the Week 1 NFL picks! yiBoo- just drop us an e-mail to claim your Baron Davis poster with the e-mail address that you registered with at Ball Hype/ GSoM.

Remember, to be eligible for the lower-bowl Warriors tickets, you have to be one of the top 3 winners at the end of the season and have tossed in your predictions for all of the games for at least 15 weeks of the season. If you missed last week, you still have 16 more weeks to hold it down! Hit up Ballhype and make your predictions anytime before that week's festivities.

Here's a quick look at the standings so far.

Week 1 Results

Week 1 Highlights

Now on to my Week 2 Predictions after the jump!

Doin' it all for the Glory!

Week 2 Matchups  
Falcons (0-1) @
Jaguars (0-1)
Maurice Jones-Drew is about to go nuts!
Packers (1-0) @
Giants (0-1)
I can't believe the Packers pulled that together in the end, but with so many injuries on the Giants - Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs - Favre and Co should take this one.
Bills (0-1) @
Steelers (1-0)
Roethlisberger turned on the switch against the Browns and had some nice TD passes. Look for him to do well again this week.
Saints (0-1) @
Buccaneers (0-1)
What happened to the Saints last week? Time to pick on a mediocre team to build the confidence up!
Colts (1-0) @
Titans (1-0)
Vince Young continues to amaze me every time he plays. And, who is this Chris Brown character? Cause that man was Runnin' Runin'! IF the Titans somehow pull this off, I will buy a Vince Young jersey.
Texans (1-0) @
Panthers (1-0)
How does Mario Williams have more TDs than Reggie Bush? Don't matter - the Panthers look ready to fight once again.
Bengals (1-0) @
Browns (0-1)
I wasn't feeling the Hall of Fame jacket but I'm sure Ocho Cinco has a better things lined up for this one. It's going to be ugly.
Vikings (1-0) @
Lions (1-0)
Adrian Peterson made an amazing rookie debut and so did Calvin Johnson. I'm going with the Vikings just because they have a better defense.
Cowboys (1-0) @
Dolphins (0-1)
I am SO glad I picked Tony Romo in my fantasy league. He's not going to do as well this game, but it's still guaranteed Cowboys.
Chiefs (0-1) @
Bears (0-1)
The Chiefs have no life left in `em. That should be enough for the Bears defense to capitalize.
Seahawks (1-0) @
Cardinals (0-1)
Seahawks fly higher than cardinals.
Jets (0-1) @
Ravens (0-1)
I'm feeling the Jets on this one.
Chargers (1-0) @
Patriots (1-0)
EXTREMELY tough call. This could easily be the AFC Championship game in a few months. Moss will probably get double covered which will leave Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth open. The Pats have waaay too much offensive power to be stopped. They may have to cheat to win, but they still win.
Redskins (0-1) @
Eagles (0-1)
McNabb got jacked because his teammates couldn't field a punt return. He'll tear it up in this division game.

Logo courtesy of Tony.psd!


Golden State of Football
Raiders (0-1) @
Broncos (1-0)
I don't think this game is going to be a blowout but it will probably still go to the Broncos. It looks like Daunte may be getting the starting go this week and he should connect with LaMont Jordan and Ronald Curry a few times. I say close game.
49ers (1-0) @
Rams (0-1)
The 49er defense was amazing last week. Patrick Willis was all over the field and the secondary shutdown two of the top WRs in the NFL. However, Alex needs to step his game up and play well the whole game. Bulger and Stephen Jackson will have better games than last week, but I'm still going 49ers!


What are your thoughts about Week 1? Who do you think will win the matchups of Week 2?

Head on over to Ballhype and make your predictions. Who will week this week's Boom Dizzle poster? Who will hold one of the top 3 spots to win a pair of lowerbowl Warriors tickets at the end of the NFL regular season come Tuesday morning?

Just like we do for Warriors games with Open Threads- if you have any thoughts during game day Sunday or during the Monday night game post them here.

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