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YouTube Tuesday: Return Of The Baron

The excitement is starting to set in. As September starts its downward slide, we are slowly but surely creeping up on the opening of the 2007/2008 season. Add in the fact that all of us will be partying together at GSoM Night for the opening game and we’re starting to enter dance of joy terrain.

I must admit, aside from meeting many of you guys, the one person I am looking forward to seeing the most is the man himself. The Baron.

After season after season plagued with injuries, Baron finally came out and showed the basketball world that he not only a premiere point guard, but also a leader. When push came to shove, Davis stepped up his game to superhuman levels at times carried the team through some very sticky situations.

With JRich gone, we are going to need to Baron to continue this role more than ever. So this week, let’s honor the Baron.

* Bonus point to this video for the foreign rap song.

**Even more bonus point for the fact that the language clearly doesn’t have its own word for "gangster".

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