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GSOM Night 2: One More Chance

We're up to 525 tickets sold! We broke the 500 barrier and are looking to keep it going strong. Thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket.

We want to keep pushing the ticket count higher and higher to be as big of a presence at the game as possible. In order to join in on all the fun, follow the instructions below to get the exclusive tickets to Opening Night. You'll have to buy your tickets soon because single game tickets go on sale to the general public on September 22. Buy right now through us and guarantee your seat.

A couple updates to GSOM Night 2:

1. Opening Night vs the Jazz: Tuesday, October 30, 2007
There are 525 of us already going, come join us.

2. Free GSoM Night 2 T-shirt
Originally we had only planned on printing 500 shirts, but because of the popularity of the event, the Warriors are holding off on printing them to see if more people will buy tickets through us. If you order your tickets soon, we'll make sure that you are included in the final printing of the shirts. They'll wait until the opening night has sold out to print the shirts. But opening night could very well sell out by the end of day on September 22.

3. GSoM Raffle
Yup still happening. I'm not sure specifically what the prizes will be but there will definitely be some goodies.

4. Jumbotron
Get your mug on a 100" tv for 19,000 people to see the awesomeness that is GSOM.

5. Exclusive Tickets
I said this before but it's worth repeating. The general public can start buying tickets Sept 22. Today is Sept 18. You have 3.5 days to put an order into Chris Murphy, have him process it, and get your ticket. Order before it's too late.

6. Family Friendly Section
The kids man, what about the kids? We're doing our best to make this event fun for everyone.

7. High 5 the Players
This is limited to the 16 and under crowd. 20 people, 16 and under, will be chosen at random to high 5 the players during introductions. How awesome is that?

To get your exclusive tickets, contact Warriors group ticket sales representative, Chris Murphy.

Tickets in the $30 section have sold out.

Tickets are now $40 each (regularly $48) in the Club 200 Sideline sections 230-203 and 214-219. Come sit with the best fans in the Bay. Chris is doing his best to make sure that all of us are as close as possible to each other so we can feel like one big group.

Here's Chris Murphy's contact info:

1) Email him:
2) Download the form

Did I mention that tickets go on sale to the general public on September 22? Did I mention that you can buy tickets to opening night through us right now? If you don't buy through us, you won't get to enjoy everything highlighted above and you could potentially get shut out in the cold because opening night will sell out quick.

I'll see you at GSOM Night 2!

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