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New Poll: Grade the Warriors Offseason

You're probably saying, "Finally, these lazy bums put up a new poll. Now I can click a radio button and a vote button again. Thank you."

First though, here are the results of the previous poll.

Looks like people are very pleased with the drafting of Wright, Belinelli and Lasme. With 76% of the votes giving Mulson a B or better, maybe this draft will be the one that helps build the future of the Warriors.

The New Poll
I promise, this one won't be up for 4 months. Maybe 3.5 but certainly not 4. This one is all about the Warriors offseason. We're pretty close to winding down the offseason and packing our bags for a grueling training camp in Hawaii. There are a few more things to take care of, Pietrus and Cabbages, but most of the major transactions look done. If I recall correctly, here's what we've seen this offseason:

Update: Oops, silly me, I missed a few:

So unless there's some major mistake Mullin makes in the Pietrus and Cabbages negotiations, everything seems to be set. So look to the right and exercise your right to vote on the grade for the Warriors offseason.

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