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GSoF: Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Picks

Week 2 was nuts!

What the heck happened in Ohio? The moons and stars must have been aligned right because for the first time in my life, I saw the Browns score 50 points and topple the Bengals! .

The Raiders got robbed. .

The 49ers sustained a HUGE loss this week as Manny Lawson tore his ACL. .

Check out SBNation friend Niners Nation. for their analysis of who can replace Manny.

49ers options to replace Manny Lawson

Big ups to Zorgon for going 11-5 in this unpredictable week and receiving the highest Ballhype score within the GSoM Community for the Week 2 NFL picks! Zorgon- hit us up through e-mail to claim your Baron Davis poster with the e-mail address that you registered with at Ball Hype/ GSoM. Congrats to your Browns for dominating last week!

Now on to my Week 3 Predictions after the click!


Week 3 Matchups  
Vikings (1-1) @
Chiefs (0-2)
I'm looking forward to some 0-3 Chiefs!
Rams (0-2) @
Bucanneers (1-1)
I liked that Garcia-Galloway combo last week. If Jeff brings some garlic from his hometown of Gilroy, the Bucs will be cookin' in Tampa Bay!
Lions (2-0) @
Eagles (0-2)
Where are the Eagles of the old? Come on McNabb...I need one of my picks on you to come true!
Colts (2-0) @
Texans (2-0)
I can't believe I'm saying this but...close game? Upper edge to the Texans!
Chargers (1-1) @
Packers (2-0)
There hasn't been much Charger offense lately, but LT should start picking up his fantasy title.
Bills (0-2) @
Patriots (2-0)
No brainer.
Dolphins (0-2) @
Jets (0-2)
Someone's about to get their first W. I say Dolphins come out on top.
Cardinals (1-1) @
Ravens (1-1)
The Cardinals keep finding themselves in bird fights. I'm lookin to McGahee for a big game on the ground.
Bengals (1-1) @
Seahawks (1-1)
If the Bengals defense can get off their lazy asses and PLAY they might be able to win this one. Unfortunately, that's not about to happen.
Jaguars (1-1) @
Broncos (2-0)
The Broncos are getting lucky as hell with their last minute wins. The Jags can stop that business.
Carolina (1-1) @
Falcons (0-2)
Good ol' NFC South division bout. Seeing as though the Falcons are terrible this year, I'm going with the Panthers. Steve Smith for 2 TDs?
Giants (0-2) @
Redskins (2-0)
The Redskins are really starting to turn some heads. I think they can take out the weak Giants.
Cowboys (2-0) @
Bears (1-1)
Just because I need Romo and Barber to pull their combined 4 TDs in fantasy.
Titans (1-1) @
Saints (0-2)
Man, the Saints are off to a horrendous start. Luckily, I didn't have to buy that Vince Young jersey last week (although it almost came to that) but by the looks of things, this one is theirs for the taking.

Tony.psd is the man!


Golden State of Football
Raiders (0-2) @
Browns (1-1)
Normally, I'd give this game to the Raiders because I think as a whole they're a better team than the Browns. But, the Browns are going to be high off their win last week. If Derek Anderson can do half of what he did last week, the Browns have this one.
49ers (2-0) @
Steelers (2-0)
Oh man, oh man, say it ain't so! This is where the flawless season ends for the 49ers. Seeing as though Alex can't get the offense going, this game is going to go to the Steelers.

What are your thoughts about Week 2? Where do you think the upsets will be in Week 3?

Head on over to Ballhype and make your predictions. Will Zorgon or YiBoo get another? Or will I finally take one home?

Just like we do for Warriors games with Open Threads- if you have any thoughts during game day Sunday or during the Monday night game post them here.

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