warriors tattoos? anybody? repost!!!

i'm a owner of a tattoo shop
here in hayward ca...and also a huge warrior's fan since the early 90's.i've been tattooing for almost ten years now and it sucks to say..i haven't had any request for any warrior tatts!!!
sure you've all seen raiders, 49ers ,giants,a's and even cal.. but never a warriors tatt. in fact just on monday after the raider's first win, a guy came in to my shop with a raider logo and wanted me to put it on him..of course i had to make some changes to it.. to make it more custom..(lord knows i've done way too many raider's tatts)i just think it would be nice to see some ideas for a warrior's tattoo.. or even some pics of people with warriors tatts already...what you think? WARRIOR NATION maybe?
anybody interested in getting a warrior tatt?
i'd love to do one..and i'll have it displayed in
my shop!!! we can sit down for a couple of hours
and just talk about warrior basketball while you get your tatt done.. this same diary was deleted before because GSOM felt that i was trying to advertise my shop...but the truth is.. i really don't care where you get it i said..i just want to see more warriors tattoo.

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