Rumor: Shawn Marion (Update: to LA for Odom?)

Apparently, the summer of discontent just won't end- or at least, journalists won't let it. From the Arizona Republic, comes yet another article about Marion's discontent. Now, it's because the Suns refuse to talk about a contract extension.

Marion never is one to arrive too early. Last year, he showed up at the arena on Sept. 19 and on Sept. 23 in 2005. By all accounts, Marion is not wearing the grin seen in his furniture-store commercials, but that's hearsay, because Marion and his agent have not returned a call.

But according to several Suns sources, Marion seems to be unhappy that the team will not talk about a contract extension. The word is that the four-time All-Star, in his eighth year with the team, wants $60 million over three years. Marion, already the highest-paid Suns player, will make $16.4 million this season and $17.8 million for 2008-09.


The two top trade possibilities involve Utah Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko, who is even more disgruntled with his team, and Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom and a teammate, possibly forward Brian Cook.

I guess the Warriors should be happy that Baron Davis has been relatively calm about it, because there's been no talk that he's going to be a malcontent in the locker room if we don't get things done.

This impacts any Kirilenko dreams we might have, since Marion, on the court, is better than anything we can offer. Fortunately, the Jazz are unlikely to even think about giving out a $20M/year extension.

I also doubt the Suns deal with the Lakers, an in-division rival.

Ultimately without an explicit trade demand, I think Marion keeps whining but also keeps playing this season, then opts out, tests the market next year, finds no one able to give him $20M, and returns to the Suns. Unless Baron walks...


[Moderator's Note, by OptionZero:]

According to The Sporting News:

According to a league source, the Lakers and Suns have been in discussions about a deal -- a blockbuster deal -- that would send the four-time All-Star to Los Angeles to play alongside Kobe Bryant. The Suns would get forward Lamar Odom and perhaps some salary-cap filler in return. The main obstacle appears to be Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who needs to OK the deal. Asked to handicap the likelihood of the deal going through, the source said, "50-50." Hrm. This might seem to make both teams worse; Odom's a significantly worse defender and rebounder than Marion and IMO Marion is what makes the Suns undersized lineup work in the first place. The Lakers would be worse because Marion would be an undersized 3 who isn't the passer/ball handler that Odom is in the triangle. Hey, I'm all for it! Also check out Eric Pincus' article on Hoops World who disagrees and makes a case about why Marion would help LA.

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