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GSOM Night 2: Final Call

Update: We're up to 715 tickets sold with another 40 or so still in reserve. 715 is amazing. We've more than doubled last year's 350 tickets sold. Gobble up the reserved tickets quick before someone else does. Just a disclaimer though, I can't guarantee that these latest 40 are in the GSOM section, but it'll still get you in the building and have a chance at all the free goodies we're giving away. You can always venture over to our section and hangout too.

Single game tickets went on sale this past Saturday and people sure did gobble them up. There are very few tickets left to Opening Night, but luckily we're GSoM. Chris Murphy wanted to make sure we got as many GSoMers into the arena on Opening Night as possible. So you know what he did? He set aside around 40 extra tickets for GSoM that the public cannot get their hands on. So, this is it, the final call for GSoM Night 2 tickets. Once this extra reserve is gone, we can't guarantee you getting any seats. If you haven't already purchased your tickets through GSoM and Chris, hurry!

If you don't know how to get your tickets, here's the 411 (no $1.25 charge):

Tickets are now $40 each (regularly $48) in the Club 200 Sideline sections 230-203 and 214-219. We'll be sitting as close to each other as possible so that we're one big group. If you throw the shirt on, everyone will know what site you claimin'.

Here's Chris Murphy's contact info:

1) Email him:
2) Download the form for all the details and then email Chris Murphy

If you don't know what's going on at GSoM Night 2, check the previous posts where we've been hyping it up all August and September. Free t-shirts, raffle of goodies, courtside shootaround, family friendly, high 5 the players, 700+ GSoMers, and most importantly you get to hang out with me, Fantasy Junkie aka FJ. Naw just playin, the most important thing about GSoM Night 2 will be hanging out with everyone that makes this site go, i.e. you. We're trying to meet all 700 of you and that will make this night special for us regardless of how many points the Warriors demolish the Jazz by. Anyways, for more info, check out the previous posts on GSoM Night 2.

The thundersticks were so much fun since the whole section rocked them

You really don't need any more convincing do you? Well, either way, there's some more fun stuff after the j-u-m-p.

If you're still not sure if you want to go yet, check out coverage from GSoM Night - the original. This is with "only" 350 of us. With double that amount, I can guarantee you it'll be even awesomer (yes, awesomer is a word).

Back to GSoM Night 2. We (as in Tony.psd) have recently been working real hard to get the free GSoM Night 2 t-shirt design done. It wasn't easy with the restrictions the Warriors have placed on the design, but it's coming along nicely and it's going to be flyyyy! Once we settle on the design and the Warriors have approved it, we'll unveil it to you. I'm excited about it. Shoot, I'm excited about GSoM Night 2 even though it's 33 days, 22 hours, 20 minutes, and 24, no 23 seconds, away.

Get the last remaining tickets!

Can you tell which fans are from GSoM?

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