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Fashion Fridays: Air Jordan Apparel

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GSoM is ready to pimp your closet for the basketball season. Every Friday, we'll be evaluating some of the hottest trends that'll make Andre 3000 think you're 4000. If you looking to turn heads on the court not only for crossing fools up and blowing by them, but also for being so well dressed, then this is for you! To start us off on our revamped fashion section, we introduce you some new Jordan apparel:

Michael Jordan's impact on basketball in general is out of control.  Besides being, unofficially, the greatest of all time, at least in the modern era of professional basketball, Jordan has probably revolutionized professional sports marketing.  Jordan's elevation as a basketball and cultural icon, of sorts, in the last few decades has allowed for the cross-pollination of sports and fashion industries -- creating probably the most significant shoe line (for the most part of the eighties and nineties) in the history of all shoes (second maybe to Shaq's Reeboks...jk).  Jordan's popularity is so automatic as far as sales go that he's made Hanes legitimate!

You could be the bed with some sexy Hane's men lingerie!

Yet long after his career ended (all three times), Jordan has continued to develop his brand, including a forgettable cologne (mmm the smell of sweaty, grimy locker rooms) and his ever expanding clothing line.  While Jordan has produced, indipustably, some of the most memorable shoes ever (check the number of retros), does his clothing line necessarily live up to the legacy of his career or his shoes?  

Whereas Jordan's shoes have been on the cutting edge of design (sans a few astronaut boot-ish looking ones) and comfort, his clothes seem to be one step behind, playing catch up to last season's fashions.  As far as apparel goes, latest trends such as big print-T (seems like a harking back to the early to mid nineties era) and all-over print styles are central designs to this season's Jordan collection.  

A reminder of the classic string of commericals in the eighties featuring upstart filmmaker Spike Lee:


A collage of Jordan symbols, but does anything Jordan look good outside the standard red, black and white?

jordan all over.jpg

Is this all-over print hat taking it a little too far?

all-over hat.jpg

How about some matching "tight-shorts" to go with your new $175 Jordan XXIIs?  Or to match the all-over print hat, t-shirt?  Know you'll be protected like Jordan with these, in the words of Rod Benson, "in there like swimwear."  

jordan tight shorts.jpg

Look out for Air Jordan Tight Shorts II next year, with new air pockets in the butt!

How does this sample of Jordan gear look to you?  Would you rock this gear or does it look like it's trying too hard to look current?  How does his current line of clothes compare to the legacy of his shoes?  Are these clothes not worthy?  

For the complete line, see