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Blogger's Choice Awards: Make the Golden Choice!

A little birdie whispered into my ear this afternoon that the mighty Golden State of Mind has been nominated for the Best Sports Blog award as part of the Blogger's Choice Awards.   My site was nominated for Best Sports Blog!

I'm definitely feeling the love from the nomination and all 3 votes we've mustered up, but currently holding down 216th place just doesn't do it for me. Come on my golden peoples! This is Golden State of Mind, home to the best hoops community in the world wide web. How can we be that low? When the NBA season is more happening there's close to 9,000 of you who come here daily with that number to grow as we step it up big time in 2k7-2k8. Even in the offseason this place is still poppin'! Oh and we roll 715+ deep!

Okay, okay on the real- if GSoM doesn't win the award I'm going to throw a tantrum like Kanye West at this past MTV Video Music Awards. Trust me ya'll don't wanna see me go The GSoM Dropout on this one, so show your boys and the community some love by rocking the vote. You know how we do it around these parts... UNSTOPPABBLE BABY!
Vote it up!

Let's do this- VOTE or DIE!

Diddy wants you to vote GSoM!

In all seriousness, definitely rock the vote over for the 2007 Blogger's Choice Awards. You can cast your vote for multiple blogs out there and there's tons of goodies out there that deserve to be recognized in the blogosphere. Drop some votes for your favorite Humor Blog, Political Blog, Business Blog, Education Blog, Pop Culture Blog, and even your favorite Animal Blogger!

The voting for Blogger's Choice Awards 2007 ends October 19 at 11:55pm.

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