Training Camp Page coverage on and Hoopsworld

This page will keep us warriors fans updated on erything that goes on...
Also has two new interviews (not knbr)
C Mullin and D Nelson
its telling the basis on what is going to happen in Hawaii October 2nd they will leave and i will keep you guys posted about this.
also they say that media day is Monday. Pictures, interviews, that sord of thing.... Heres the link....


[Moderator's Note, by OptionZero:]

Turning this diary into a running "training camp coverage" collection, since I'm sure we'll be getting some media articles this weekend on what to expect. Specific stories, of course, can go into their own diaries as they pop up.

Today, HoopsWorld has put up a Training Camp preview written by our very own pree. Head on over and check it out.

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