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GSoF: Week 3 Recap and Week 4 Picks

What did we learn in Week 3?

Ugly jerseys win games! They also provide some good looking cheerleaders!

Where did these colors come from?

The Cowboys and Patriots are waiting to play someone that can keep up with them.

The Raiders finally won a game! Wooohoooo!!!

Say what you want about the 49ers loss, but they still showed promise in the offensive side of the ball. I like Fooch's take at Niner Nation.

Big shot out to all the SB Nation friends!

Mad props to tut123408 for going 12-4 last week and receiving the highest Ballhype score within the GSoM Community for the Week 3 NFL picks! tut123408- hit us up through e-mail to claim your Baron Davis poster with the e-mail address that you registered with at Ball Hype/ GSoM. I was in a close third with 10-6 (where you at Atma and Fantasy?) but I'ma get first this week! Check out the entire GSoM community Week 3 standings over here.

Now on to my Week 4 Predictions after the click!


Week 4 Matchups  
Jets (1-2) @
Bills (0-3)
The Bills are even worse off now that they've lost their starting QB. Looks like they're up for the #1 pick in the draft!
Ravens (2-1) @
Browns (1-2)
The Ravens are plagued with injuries, but they have enough firepower left to destroy the inconsistent Browns.
Rams (0-3) @
Cowboys (3-0)
With Stephen Jackson out and Marc Bulger injured, the Rams are about to have a lot of trouble against the Cowboys on Sunday. Easy win for the boys in Blue.
Bears (1-2) @
Lions (2-1)
Lovie Smith FINALLY took some initiative and benched the Gross-Man. Gresie isn't that much of an improvement, but he won't lose games like Rex. I'm still going with the Lions in this NFC North battle.
Texans (2-1) @
Falcons (0-3)
A few months ago, this game was meaningless. Now, Falcons fans are going to see if they should have kept Schaub or if Joey Harrington is good enough to hold the starting QB position.
Packers (3-0) @
Vikings (1-2)
Brett Favre is having one hell of a season and showing that he's still got what it takes to bring this low-talent Packers team to the playoffs. So far, they're 3-0, who's going to stop em'?
Buccaneers (2-1) @
Panthers (2-1)
Which one will take the NFC South? Whoever wins this game!
Steelers (3-0) @
Cardinals (1-2)
Last week was a sad one for Leinhart and his fans. After getting replaced by Kurt Warner, Matt got shown how to play in the NFL by the ex-Ram. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, none of that really matters as the Steelers are about to trample all over this poor team!
Denver (2-1) @
Colts (3-0)
4-0 Colts.
Chiefs (1-2) @
Chargers (1-2)

Chargers in the Superbowl? Let's worry about it one game at a time fellas...

Eagles (1-2) @
Giants (1-2)
Wearing those nasty colored jersey sparked some life in the Eagles last week as they put up 56 points against the Lions! Wear the blue and yellow jerseys every week!
Patriots (3-0) @
Bengals (1-2)
Can the Patriots be stopped?

Tony.psd is the man!


Golden State of Football
Raiders (1-2) @
Dolphins (0-3)
Raiders are soon to be .500. Daunte was named the starter and he's about to tear up the surprisingly weak Dolphins defense. I love it! By the way, anyone notice that LaMont Jordan is 2nd in the NFL with rushing yards? I'm looking forward to the 8-8 season!
Seahawks (2-1) @
49ers (2-1)
The winner of this game is crowned #1 in the NFC West for a week. Although Frank Gore and the 9ers running game was nonexistent last week, Alex Smith, "The Disease," and Darrell Jackson showed that we do have an amazing passing game. Now all we need is consistency! And what better way to start our track of consistency than by tearing up the Seahawks?

Teams with Byes - Jaguars, Saints, Redskins, Titans

What are your thoughts about Week 2? Where do you think the upsets will be in Week 3?

You all know the drill - jump on over to Ballhype and make your predictions. You know what's on the line:

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
  • The highest scoring GSoMer from each week of NFL picks will win a Baron Davis poster from our friends at FSN Bay Area
  • At the end of the season the top 3 high scorers will each receive a pair of lower-bowl Warriors tickets

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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