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GSoF: AFC and NFC North Preview

The AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

Harder, better, faster, stronger? The Baltimore offense was revamped last year with the addition of Air McNair and it showed as they finished the year at 13-3. Although the defense saw a huge loss as Adalius Thomas departed to New England, they still have Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, Ed Reed, and Chris McAlister. Their biggest weakness last year was in their running game and that was quickly fixed with the addition of Willis McGahee. All they really need now is to bring back Primetime!

Another comeback with a #39 jersey?

Prediction: 12-4 (AFC North Division Champion)

Cincinnati Bengals

Ocho Cinco will never be MVP, but he's going to produce numbers this year that should make him MVP. From the last few preseason games, Chad Johnson looks like he's in mid-season form and anyone that's cocky enough to say this...

"Mr. Belichick, I love him to death, but he wouldn't do it. He wouldn't do it...Tell him, please if he feels free, just give me a little one-on-one. I won't score. I'll stop at the one, and go out of bounds or something."

is ready to tear it up this year. Carson Palmer is set up with one of the best WR duos in the league. This offense has nothing but success ahead of them especially with underrated Rudi Johnson. The defense on the other hand is still shaky especially considering a different player gets arrested every week.

Prediction: 10-6 (AFC Wild Card)

I want me some Ocho Cinco kicks!!

Pittsburgh Steelers

Bill Cowher will be forever missed but it looks like new head coach Mike Tomlin is going to attempt to bring back the Steelers of 2005. Willie Parker is still on fire from last year but their offense is still dependent on Big Ben's actions. Joey Porter flew down south so the defense rests on Troy Polamalu and his crazy fro. I highly doubt this team will be any different than it was last year, just a new coach and less hype.

Prediction: 8-8

Cleveland Browns

Romeo finally chose his starting QB, Charlie Frye, but how long will it be until he switches to his Juliet (Brady Quinn)? I'm pretty amazed that they pulled off the additions of Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn, but they just won't be enough. The Browns look great on paper with Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards, but I bet you can't name 5 players on their defense. In the running for the top draft pick next year? I think so!

Prediction 3-13

The NFC North preview is after the jump!

The NFC North

Chicago Bears

The Bears have only one person to blame for their loss in Super Bowl XLI - Rex Grossman. Can someone explain to me why Lovie Smith hasn't replaced this guy yet? Everything else on this team seems to be in check - O. Line, WRs, RB, Defense, Special Teams - BUT the main guy controlling the field. Fortunately for the Bears, this is one of the weakest divisions in football and they are still guaranteed success. Look to Cedric Benson to have a huge fantasy year as takes on the role of the premier RB. Devin Hester is moving to WR so if he can pull off what he does as a return specialist, he will have a big year as well. Only one question remains - can this team bring it back to the Super Bowl?

Prediction: 11-5 (NFC North Division Champion)

Will he get to do this again?

Detroit Lions

You're telling me that Jon Kitna has Roy Williams, Mike Furrey, and Calvin Johnson? Even if Kitna can't pull it off, Aggies finest J.T. O'Sullivan looks ready to pick off where he left in the NFL Europa! Mike Martz must be pinching himself in disbelief with the offense that he has this year. However, I have no faith in their defense and it's going to be a few years before they can topple the Bears for the division title.

Prediction: 8-8

Bring in Gunrock!!

Minnesota Vikings

Tavaris Jackson? Really? Adrian Peterson was probably the best player on the draft board at the time, but do you really think he's going to win all of your games? The RB duo of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor will look reminiscent of Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister, but there's no Drew Brees or Marques Colston on this team. The Vikings' run defense was ranked first in the league last year and with linebacker Chad Greenway returning from an injury, it should be even better. But without a legitimate Action Jackson, this team is going be fishing for a high draft pick.

Prediction: 6-10

Green Bay Packers

Why is Brett Favre still playing? He's not what he used to be and the Packers don't seem to want to help him by bringing any amazing WRs in when they get a chance. Ahman Green went to the Texans and I highly doubt Vernand Morency and rookie Brandon Jackson can do what he did combined. Bring in Aaron Rodgers!

Prediction: 5-11

Who do you think are going to be the AFC and NFC North champions?

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