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GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Looking to the Future

Perhaps today we should pay a little homage to what we hope is going to be a very bright future for the Warriors. I’m talking, of course, about Brandon Wright.

The unfortunate thing about attaining a prospect as promising as Wright is that it came at the loss of one our most prominent leaders. And while the JRich mourning period will never end for some of us, it’s time to look at what’s in our hands amidst the settling dust. What I see is a glimmer of hope.

More specifically, a 6 foot 10 glimmer with a 7 foot wing span. I see a potential defensive monster who has the potential to board (please god let him board) and swat shots effectively. I see a potential offensive threat in an inside man who can finally do some damage in the paint. And yes… I see some big honkin’ ears.

Granted, everything I just mentioned (aside from the last one) is going to take time and development. But take a look at the footage below and see for yourself. The potential is there.

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