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GSOM Night 2: Come Get Some

There's very little time left to purchase exclusive opening night tickets before the general public does. I was told that they go on sale to the general public in mid-September. Guess what, it's almost mid-September. We want to make this event HUGE and full of GSOMers. Join us and tell your friends, family, and coworkers to come out and take part in one of the greatest events at a Warrior game.

Had someone told me 8 months ago that I'd be sitting here writing how we have 296 people signed up after tickets were only on sale for 2 weeks, I'd say you're crazy!

Had someone explained to me 12 months ago that GSoM was going to blow up even during the off season, I'd say stop it!

Had someone prophesized 2 years ago that I'd be the flyest GSoM writer who happens to be dating Jessica Alba, I'd say HELLO SWEET MOMMA! YaoButtaMing is back!

Okay, so only two are correct but I can guarantee this, GSoM is going to rock. We're trying to sell 500 tickets, but we’re hoping to blow past that and make opening night one you'll remember forever. Who isn’t looking forward to this upcoming season? I mean let’s face it …

1) The Giants stink

2) The A’s aren’t making the playoffs

3) 49ers are back but I don’t want to jinx them

4) Raiders can’t even sign their draft pick

5) The Sharks? Well they had to sign a 59 year old retired name just to salvage the off-season.

Am I over exaggerating? Possibly, but aren’t the Warriors the greatest show on earth? Better grab your tickets ASAP because they are going quick. Need I say more than what many of you already have?

The bottom line is, don't miss out. We're all going to be there with our GSoM attitude and passion. I would hate to see you missing out. Basically, don't pull a Miss Teen Carolina! Only she would miss this VIP party! Even if we gave her a map and directions she'd probably end up somewhere in Alberta. US Americans ... sheesh! Do you really want to end up like this?

1. Opening Night baby! Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Warrior fans unite on opening night. We'll rock the house and knock the Jazz back to Salt Lake.

2. Free GSoM Night 2 T-shirt
Yes, free GSoM Night 2 t-shirts courtesy of a Tony.psd design. You'll be fly and the whole section will be rockin' them like one big unified ball of cotton.
Wait, did I mention they were free?
Oh and did I mention that our award winning graphic artist, Tony.psd is designing them?
Will they be hot? Most definitely. They'll sell for at least $500 a piece on ebay.

3. GSoM Raffle
Everyone who purchases a ticket will be entered into a raffle for amazing Warriors merchandise, great tickets to future games, awesome Warriors memorabilia, and collectible signed Tony.psd posters. It's all love from us to you. Nothin but love from the family show.

4. Jumbotron
Show the Jumbotron love and it will return the favor. We'll be on there and we'll be loud when we're on there. No doubt.

5. Exclusive Tickets
Will opening night sell out? Yes.
Do you want to go? Yes.
Can the general public buy opening night tickets yet? No.
When can the general public begin to buy opening night tickets? Mid-September.
So where can you get exclusive opening night tickets right now? Today? GSoM. Come get some.

6. Family Friendly Section
We do our best to make this a family friendly website and so we want to make sure all of our events are the same way. So if you have younger kids or would prefer to be in a section away from the crazed (bordering psycho) Warrior fans like me, we've set it up with the Warriors so that you can sit and enjoy the game how you want to.

To get your exclusive tickets, contact Warriors group ticket sales representative, Chris Murphy to purchase your tickets.

Tickets are $30 each (regularly $35) in sections 205-212 and 221-228. Come sit with the best fans in the Bay. Here's Chris Murphy's contact info:

1) Email him:

2) Download the form

Get your red hot GSoM Night 2 tickets!


GSoM Opening Night will be:

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