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GSoF: AFC and NFC South Preview

The AFC South

Indianapolis Colts

Peyton finally proved to all the haters that he could win when it mattered the most, but can he do it again? Better yet, can the Colts finally pull off that perfect season that they have always been struggling to get? They have a tough opening game tonight against the Saints, and with their shaky defense who knows how many ridiculous jukes Reggie Bush is about to pull on them. Regardless, this division is in their hands for yet another season, and it all comes down to, "can they pull it off in the playoffs?"

Prediction: 11-5 (AFC South Division Champion)

Will there be another?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Wasn't Byron Leftwich a first round draft pick? And he got cut? Oh man, I hope the Jags made the right move going with Garrard. The Bay's own Maurice Jones-Drew had a huge season last year and is destined for another great one this year. The Jags are still looking for a WR to replace Hall of Famer Jimmy Smith and it doesn't look like the combo of Matt Jones and Reggie Williams will be able to take it. Maybe next year fellas?

Prediction: 7-9

Houston Texans

Time to see what Matt Schaub can do. If the offensive line can keep him and newcomer Ahman Green healthy, this team might finally stand a chance to not be the laughing stock of the NFL. Look to Andre Johnson to have another huge season. Reggie Bush should get about 10 TDs..oh wait, they didn't end up drafting him. Umm...Mario Williams will have 10 sacks?

Prediction: 6-10

Tennesse Titans

Vince Young looked amazing last year, but he's going to have a huge downfall this year - MADDEN CURSE!!! They lost Travis Henry, Drew Bennet, and Pacman Jones, and I just see no possible way for this team to post a winning record. They're just another team in the running for worst record in the NFL.

Prediction 3-13

The NFC South

New Orleans Saints

If the defense can pick it up this year, the Saints have a great chance of dominating the NFC. This division is theirs as Drew Brees will tear it up again, Marques Colston will show why he deserved to be drafted before the 7th round, and that Reggie Bush character is bound to pull out some USC moves on a couple of NFL teams.

Prediction: 11-5 (NFC South Division Champion)

What does he have in store for this year?

Carolina Panthers

No one can deny the crazy talent present on this team but none of those talented players seem healthy enough for this team to dominate the division. David Carr was brought in from the Texans to backup Jake Delhomme which gives the team two decent QBs to take over on any given Sunday. Their defense is strong with Julius Peppers and Mike Ruckers but we'll see if it can stop "The President." Mediocre season for the Panthers.

Prediction: 8-8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I might go down in history as the biggest Jeff Garcia fan in the world, but even I don't think he's enough for this team to make a playoff run. Their defense is improving with the additions of Cato June and Jeremiah Trotter and hopefully those two can pull some big plays. Cadillac should turn the engine on this year after his awful season last year, but with the lack of depth in the WR position, Jeff is going to have to pull more magic out of his gluteus maximus than he did last year with the Eagles.

Prediction: 6-10

Atlanta Falcons

Talk about a messy offseason. We all know what happened to Mike Vick, so no need to go there. They traded Matt Schaub which made sense at the time, but now they're stuck with Joey Harrington taking over this year. But, who's he throwing to? Crumpler? At least they can look forward to taking a top QB in the draft next year!

Prediction: 3-13

Who do you think will tear up the AFC and NFC South Divisions?

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