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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Patrick O'Bryant

Our first round pick last year, Patrick O'Bryant, aka Project O'Bryant, aka Notorious POB, aka The Chef, aka BUST, never won any Warrior fans over. There's not a whole lot to write about POB except that he had a year to forget. From first round pick to bench player to D-League player, his season continued to spiral downwards.

He sure did a lot of this last year, sitting

As a rookie, he was the butt of many jokes because he was so remarkably bad. But this was just a prank pulled as part of some rookie hazing. Popcorn anyone?

Report card after the jump.

Surprising, but he really did score a basket. Here’s his first one ever.

Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: D
POB likely never would have been a Warrior if Nellie had signed on to coach in early June last year. Still, he did almost nothing with the time he had with the team and only made slightly more noise in the D-League. It's still too early to say he doesn't have the will to succeed at this level, but the signs aren't good. Of course, big men need an extra year or two, so he could be know for more than his tasty cheesecake this time next year.

Fun Score: 2
I saw him miss way to many dunks during warm-ups. Never a good sign.

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: F
Do you realize the Warriors essentially paid someone over $2 million to play in the D-League this season? Well, at least The Notorious P.O.B. will always be in the history books as the first ever NBA Lottery pick to be demoted to the NBDL- wait, that's not a good thing. I have no idea how O'Bryant will pan out in the long run since he has yet to play any meaningful minutes at the NBA level, but as of now there's absolutely no indication that he won't be one of the biggest NBA Draft busts of all time. Did the Warriors hire Dave Twardzik as a consultant on this 2006 draft pick or something?

Fun Score: 4
POB was good for some funny posts and great nicknames.

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: F
POB deserves an incomplete. We rarely got a chance to see him play and reports say that he had a much damaged self-esteem that was slightly rejuvenated when he finally got some playing time in the NBDL. Lets hope he bounces back or else I see Kwame Brown like career in his future.

Fun Score: 10
For that great photo with the grannies.

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: A
What a wonderful first round draft pick Project O'Bryant was. Put it this way, he barely played any more minutes than 2nd rounder Kosta Perovic. Kosta Coast never even donned a Warrior uni.

Fun Score: -1000000


Grade: D
Man I don't want to fail anyone here but when you get sent back to the D-league and start getting schooled there... well, no good can come of that. I don't think POB has no potential. But it's going to be up to him to get there. Nellie can only take him so far. Unfortunately, Nellie might just take him to another team

Fun Score: 2
Not so much for him but some of you guys had some pretty good POB webpins. That's gotta be worth at least 2 points!

Overall Grade: F

What is POB’s role next year? I can’t see how he gets any time since he’s not going to beat out Biedrins, Harrington, or Wright for a low post position. What’s POB’s future?

2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards


Grade: F
How many top ten draft picks were sent to the D-league last year? Patrick O’Bryant actually taught me something this year, with a lot of laziness and mental weakness you really can be a spokesman for Charmin!

Fun Score: 1

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