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WE BELIEVE We OWN the Dallas Mavericks Fans and Media

It's been over half a year since the Golden State Warriors pulled off the biggest upset in NBA history by knocking off the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the 2007 Playoffs, but everytime I think of the choke-job Mavericks, those soft, inaudible Mavs fans (seriously how could those fans be so quiet during those home playoff games when the NBA's best owner Mark Cuban has been treating them so well for so many years?), and their B-Rate media- a HUGE smile comes to my face. What WE (yes, we as in the entire Warriors organization, Warriors fans and GSoMers in particular) did to them was just Unbelievable, Unforgettable, and Unstoppable Baby!

Where OWNING Dallas Happens.

And you can be damn sure I'm not going to let them forget it- especially Tim MacMahon who writes a Dallas Mavericks blog for The Dallas Morning News (do people in Dallas even have time to read the morning paper when they're too busy stuffing their faces and getting even fatter?) and the silly commenters on that site who both foolishly tried to disrespect Warriors Nation and GSoMers. We can't forget the scared Mavs Moneyball community either.

A flip through a bunch of their their wildly entertaining foolishness and softness from last spring after the jump. (Seriously you don't want to miss this!)

The Dallas Morning News Dallas Mavericks Blog is Very Stoppable

Before that glorious playoff series even began MacMahon randomly decided to talk some trash on his blog about us all in a post titled Warriors fans feeling mighty confident [11:24 AM Thu, Apr 19, 2007]:

Golden State of Mind, the best Warriors blog I can find, is pretty fired up about the playoffs. Or so I figured after seeing "UNSTOPPABLE BABY!!" in a headline.

Here's another line I found amusing: "Remember, we OWN the Mavericks!

When I first read that post I kind of felt that MacMahon's "best Warriors blog I can find" line was a little dismissive especially since I've never seen or heard of his blog before that post (and trust me I know the hoops web very well), but maybe I was just reading too much into it. I also felt he was just trying to take shots at Warriors fans and GSoM with his mocking of our timeless "Unstoppable Baby!" line which has been a staple of this goofy community for years. His last line mocking our repeated mantra all throughout the regular season wins over the Mavs "Remember, we OWN the Mavericks!" also made me wonder if this guy just doesn't do his research and was just looking for a way to take curious shots at the fans of an 8th seeded team that hadn't been to the playoffs in over decade and were about to face a heavily favored 1 seed that was supposed to win it all. But again- maybe I was just simply reading too much into it.

So I responded in the comments on that Dallas Morning News blog post and tried to make light of the perceived disrespect:

Tim my friend, you might want to do a little more research. "Unstoppable baby!' has been up on Golden State of Mind for almost a year now.

Here's the context: "UNSTOPPABLE, BABY!" -Golden State Warriors rookie Marc Jackson to the Mavericks' bench, after hitting a lay-up during a 29-point loss (2000)

Also, we've been writing "We OWN the Mavericks!" for quite some time as well. Glad you're finding this all so amusing now on the even of the playoffs. Haha, the funny thing is the Warriors have amused us for over a decade.

Looking forward to a fun playoff series!

Then MacMahon put up this weak post, which should have been a simple apology or correction note Golden State of Mind explains swagger [12:44 PM Thu, Apr 19, 2007]:

I snickered at Warriors blog Golden State of Mind's confidence, so it's only fair that the explanation gets Big Board treatement, too.

This is from Atma Brother #1, one of the head honchos over there. (Man, I need a cool nickname. Feel free to make suggestions.)

Here's the context: "UNSTOPPABLE, BABY!" -Golden State Warriors rookie Marc Jackson to the Mavericks' bench, after hitting a lay-up during a 29-point loss (2000) Also, we've been writing "We OWN the Mavericks!" for quite some time as well. Glad you're finding this all so amusing now on the eve of the playoffs. Haha, the funny thing is the Warriors have amused us for over a decade. Looking forward to a fun playoff series!

Note to Atma Bro: You owe me some linkage, homie.

MacMahon instead asked for a nickname (how about B-Rate Blogger? haha, I "snicker") and randomly said I owed him some linkage back to his blog.

Huh? Why would we link to a blog on a supposed major newspaper that doesn't even do some simple research and randomly tries to clown the best fans in the entire NBA?

Needless to say I dropped the issue completely and ignored him as all of us We Believers had much more important things to witness (like the world being SHOCKED!).

Still you can't help but laugh at the inane comments from Mavs fans on that blog in those two posts. Remember these are all BEFORE the series begain. Let's take a look:

Posted by Scott @ 11:41 AM Thu, Apr 19, 2007

Tim, when you posted this I thought about going there and posting a comment, but I don't think I will. The Golden State University fans are obviously smoking something that makes them delusional, so I don't think I'll post anything on their site. I will read it, though.

Scott- I won't lie. A few golden folks were sharing a little ganja in the upper bowl of the Roaracle during the upset series (gotta love Warriors Nation- we don't riot when our teams win- ahem, LA or Auburn Hills- we share the love), but if you want to look at the bigger picture focus on current Warriors Head Coach and former master architect of the Mavs rebuilding job Don Nelson.


Posted by Creth Davis @ 11:41 AM Thu, Apr 19, 2007

they were especially "unstoppable" during those 40 losses this year... clowns.

Creth- We were especially "unstoppable" during Games 1, 3, 4, and 6. That's all that matters.

I actually think this is a nice complement from Creth though. Clowns make people laugh and believe me we were laughing so much our stomach's hurt after the Warriors sent the Mavs fishing and their fans back to the buffet line. Were you guys in Dallas laughing though? Hope you enjoyed the show!

Homey don't play that and neither does Warriors Nation.

Posted by Toph @ 12:18 PM Thu, Apr 19, 2007

BWAHAHAHA... unfortunately i move to SF almost a year ago from dallas... these people are flippin' nuts. they actually believe they're going to win. they're saying this is the greatest sports moment of their lives. i've never had so much pity for people in my life.

Toph- It was the greatest sports moment of our lives and we've never had so much pity for people like you in our lives.

Posted by Saint Jimmy @ 12:43 PM Thu, Apr 19, 2007

While I can certainly relate to how these fans are feeling it most defintelly doesn't mean they can get delusional about things. I mean, Dallas' longest winning streak was nearly half of the entire number of wins the Warriors had all year.

Feel free to be happy about making the playoffs for the first time in a generation. But don't get carried away. If the Mavs are nice to you guys they may let you win a game or two.

Saint Jimmy- Trust me my friend- you can't relate to how we're feeling unless you ditched your P Diddy green Mavs jersey for a Stephen Jackson white home Warriors jersey. But since you brought it up- feel free to be happy about making the playoffs as the 1 seed with 67 wins and getting upset in the 1st round for the first time in a 7 game series. But don't get carried away. Glad the Mavs were so nice to us to "let us" win one... two... three.. FOUR games.

Posted by Gary @ 12:51 PM Thu, Apr 19, 2007

Well, it is the playoffs and the style of play changes somewhat as we have found out around here in Dallas the past 5 years. It wasn't enough to fly around and score know, our approach when Nellie was here (and Nash).

All of that said, we better buckle down and show them in game 1 what the playoffs are about. Defense wins in the playoffs, and we have to drive that home with all the authority of a Darryl Dawkins dunk.

Beat them in game 1 soundly, and they'll quit. The seeds of doubt will be firmly planted and they'll realize that all those comments by NBA analysts that Dallas isn't worried about the regular season vs this team will start to make sense to them. The key is to take away that hope ASAP.

Gary- I think you described what the Warriors did actually. Beat the Mavs in Game 1 soundly, and they [the Mavs] quit. The seeds of doubt were firmly planted and they realized that all those comments by Warriors Nation that We OWN the Mavs made a ton of sense. The key is to BELIEVE.

So simple, yet so effective!

Posted by Rosio @ 4:21 PM Thu, Apr 19, 2007


Rosio- You know I don't think being "ILLUSIONAL" is in the DSM-IV, but maybe you're onto something there. TO THOSE MAVERICKS FANS I HOPE THE NURSES AT THE MENTAL CLINIC HELPED YOU GUYS RECOVER FROM THAT CHOKE JOB! BWWHAHAHHAAA! (I can only imagine how a laugh like that sounds, but it sure does sound funny right now.)

"ILLUSIONAL"? I'll have to look that one up.

Posted by exl @ 1:16 PM Thu, Apr 26, 2007

Those silly Golden State fans at! How silly of them for backing their team for 12 years regardless of their team's losing records and playoff drought. Fans are only supposed to root for their team when it's winning.

exl- You know what? I checked the weather report in Dallas for tomorrow evening's game between the Mavs and Warriors. The report said FAIR WEATHER FAN.

Posted by Cynthia @ 1:45 PM Thu, Apr 19, 2007

Quite an accomplishment for a rookie to yell at the Mavs bench "unstoppable baby" during a win by GS in which the Mavs basically played their 3rd string. All I can say it that LET THE REAL GAMES BEGIN!

Cynthia- Um, what makes the "Unstoppable Baby!" quote funny is the context and time period (all noted in MacMahon "correction" piece where you left your comment). LET THE READING COMPREHENSION CLASSES BEGIN!

I'm sure they sell these in Dallas... at some steakhouse.

Posted by andy b @ 3:41 PM Thu, Apr 19, 2007

hey homie- you need to link to mavsmoneyball pretty fast. there's a poll up- "are you afraid of the warriors?" and that "state of mindlessness" blog is sending gs fans over to push the yes vote up. let's go timmy mac!

um, and that marc jackson game was in 2000, not the other nite cindy.

andy b- More on the Mavs Moneyball post in as second, but if GSoM is a "state of mindlessness" blog, then are Mavs blogs "state of chokeness" blogs? But we'll go easy on you since you seemed nice enough to help Cynthia with her reading issues. Although you might need some help too if you think Cynthia is spelled Cindy.

Mavs Moneyball Scaredy Cats

Also, before the 1st round dream (or nightmare for the small and weak Mavs fan's contingent out there) Wes Cox put up this poll on SBNation hoops brother site Mavs Moneyball. Look at how the results turned out:

On the plus side the first step to overcoming your fears
is admitting you have them.

I'm sure my man Fantasy Junkie had a little something do with it (although you could make good case that Mavs fans shouldn't get dominated in an internet poll on a Mavs blog), but the fact remains that Dallas fans are just soft.


We found some great reading material for Mavs' fans!

Let's not forget this one either. Mavs Moneyball ran this countdown of W's the Mavs needed to win to be crowned champs on the top of their site:


MIA: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
(MIA doesn't mean Miami either!)


Note to Tim MacMahon of The Dallas Morning News: You got OWNED, homie.

Note to Mavs Moneyball community: You got OWNED, scaredy cats.

Note to Mavs fans: You got OWNED, We Believe that.

Note to all of the above: Ya'll got OWNED.


What are your favorite memories of Warriors Nation OWNING the Mavericks, their soft fans, and their B-Rate media?

This should be a Southwest Airlines commercial:
"Wanna get away?"

WE BELIEVE in these links:

The Warriors could lose tonight's game in Dallas by 20 points and that still doesn't change a damn thing!


Update [1:48pm PST]: Tim MacMahon's having some good natured fun with this over at The Dallas Morning News Dallas Mavericks Blog too: Unstoppable Warriors fans talking much trash!!

Update 2 [5:16pm PST]: SBN brother Wes jumped into the fun over at Mavs Moneyball: BLOG FIGHT!

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