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OPEN THREAD: Game #37 - Warriors @ Grizzlies

Warriors (W-L): 20-16
Grizzlies (W-L): 10-25
Time: 7:30pm PST
TV: FSN Bay Area
Radio: KNBR 680

If you've been busy following the Warriors lately, you're with the rest of the GSoM crew. And if you're keeping up with the rest of the country you'll realize we are in the middle of one of the most influential and important political primaries in a very long time. Never have we seen a democratic race be comprised of some of the most talented candidates in a long time which stretches the imagination of the possibility and change our country is bleeding for.

Which got me thinking. Of the two teams facing off tonight, our beloved Warriors vs. the Memphis Grizzlies, which players do you think would make fine politicians? It's a shame I couldn't do this preview with Adonal Foyle on our team, but let's take a look what's at stake for tonight?

The Warriors are coming off a bad beat from the Portland Trailblazers while the Grizzlies are on the end of a back to back night.

Your Grizzlies and Warriors candidates after the jump.

Candidates for the Grizzlies:

Could this be another 2000 and 2004? Can we underestimate the power of the Grizzlies as a strong candidate pushes through? Here are the nominees:

Pau Gasol: He's the strong leader. Silent type that likes to use his actions more than words. Foreign policy is a plus. He uses his length to tangle defenders, block out, and grab rebounds. If he gets hot and pulls a lot of votes, we could be in trouble. Averaging 18 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 1.27 blocks per game, his campaign slogan is "With hair and a beard like this, I have all the lady and Hasselback fan votes locked up!"

Rudy Gay: Almost a Warrior during draft day, this second year player is the leading scorer on his team and slowly gaining national praise for his quick bursts to the basket and smooth game. At 19 points and 5.5 rebounds per game, Rudy uses the campaign slogan "Don't call me Stromile Swift!"

Mike Conley: Mr. Stud in college is having a decent rookie season waiting for a chance to breakout! Averaging 7.3 points per game with 4.6 assists, Mike is now the starting point guard using the campaign slogan "Progress Takes Patience".

And now for our Warrior Candidates:

Baron Davis: "Fear the Beard, Fear the Beard" is the slogan heard all over the Bay. This bad beard is going to wipe up Conley like no other and pour in 30+ points. Our leader of the Warrior party shouldn't have any problems getting votes.

Stephen Jackson: "I play with heart, so if you cross me I'll probably bite you". Not too popular with the soccer moms of the world, he is still one of the integral parts of this party and possibly the most important. What do you think?

Coach Nellie: The wisest candidate of them all could possible create matchups that would make it impossible for Memphis to win. With his care free attitude, his partying ways have made this coach a popular one. Look for twists in tonight game.

So who do you think will win tonight? Will it be the main candidates or do you think someone else as an independent will step up and win us over?
Check out our friends over at 3 Shades of Blue who did a great preview for tonight's game:


  •  Warriors by 6.
  •  Rudy Gay goes for 33 points.
  •  Ellis and Baron combine for 47.
  •  Wright starts and finishes the game w/ 20 minutes played.
  •  Mike Miller hits 4 three pointers.
  •  Darko has an average game

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