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Warriors $2.1 Million Trade Exception Expires Tomorrow

Tomorrow is not only the 1 year anniversary of the Indiana pillage, but also the deadline for the Warriors to use their trade exception obtained from the trade. A little bit more after the jump!

GSoM friend Marcus Thompson has got you covered with the details [Bay Area News Group]:

The $2.1 million trade exception the Warriors got in exchange for forward Ike Diogu expires Thursday.

Diogu was part of that eight-played trade with Indiana on Jan. 17, 2007, which landed the Warriors forwards Jackson and Al Harrington . But Diogu's part of the trade was officially a separate transaction, allowing the Warriors to get the exception.

This trade exception is pretty small, but with a lot of teams like the Bucks, Bulls, Heat, Nuggets, Cavaliers, Kings, SuperSonics, Trail Blazers, Rockets, Lakers, Hornets, and Knicks possibly looking to deal [Trade Talk: Ten Teams to Watch - TrueHoop] maybe it'll come in handy.

Do you see any creative ways the Warriors can use their $2.1 million trade exception before it expires tomorrow?

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