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OPEN THREAD - GAME #40: Warriors @ Pacers


Warriors (W-L): 23-16

Pacers (W-L): 17-22

Time: 4:00PM PST tip off

TV FSN Bay Area

Vegas Odds Pacers by 1.5 (source:

Hey... I know these guys! Tonight the Warriors look to take 4 in a row and they head out to the land that corn built and take on the Indiana Pacers (for the second time in 4 days.)

In retrospect, it may have been foolish to aggressively boo Dunleavy (and to some extent Murphy) in the Arena when we all knew that in a mere matter of days we would be facing the Pacers in their own house. I mean, there's a pretty good chance that the Pacers fans will attempt to exact their revenge by excessively booing Jax and TMNT tonight, right?

What have we done? Have we created a hostile environment for our boys to enter tonight? Was it all worth it?!

Heh. You bet your ass it was. Everybody JUMP!

The question remains, which Warriors team is going to show up in Indiana tonight? You can believe that we aren't going to make any assumptions of a blowout tonight. Not after the win that we barely scraped from Indy last Sunday.

The truth is we are still in the market for consistency. While Warriors fans can celebrate our winning record, few can make the leap to call us one of the NBA elite. Frankly, an elite team would be able to blowout of the Indianas and Minnesotas of the league. The Warriors haven't been able to accomplish this yet.

Please don't read me wrong, I'm has happy as anyone that we are angling to further a win streak tonight; I just don't want to see this ride come to an end anytime soon.

Which brings us to tonight.

In our last meeting, O'Neal, Granger and *ahem* a certain ex-Warrior took our D for a ride and made the critical scores that lead to such a close game. In the meanwhile, the Dubs hosted one of their worst shooting nights of the season. (both from beyond and the charity stripe) Tonight, I'd like to see improvement in both categories, however I'll settle for improvement in just one. I think it really says something for what we are capable of against this team if we were able to sneak a win despite so much going wrong for us.

While a win is a win, the hope is that tonight we can turn our current momentum into a Pacers beat down. This is truly one of those games that should be in our rearview mirror from tip-off onwards.

Let's take `em down Dubs!!!


- Tinsley commits a flagrant foul on Monta. Monta responds by dropping 29 points. Oh wait...
- Baron gets 10+ dimes and 20+ points.
- Jax and TMNT get boo'ed in the start of the game. Dunleavy and Murphy get boo'ed at the end of the game.
- Did someone say Funleavy Foto Fun?!!
- Warriors by 11. (Take that Vegas!)

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