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Recap: Warriors 117, Pacers 125 - Back In Time.

Editor's Note: The last time I wrote on a loss I was criticized for writing a recap that was far too long. I fear I may have done the same this time. So for those of you who may feel this way, please see my specially condensed recap right after the jump.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled GSoM recap.

Everything was going according to plan! What the hell happened? Did we really just blow that game? What does Vegas know that we don't?! (Aside from how to make a @&!$load of money)

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I bet that locker room Gatorade cooler didn't stand a chance.

Final Boxscore

From the ashes of tonight's ridiculously disappointing loss, however, burst the flame of discovery. For as a result of this tragedy, I've discovered that my car is in fact a time machine. Naturally, this comes as a surprise to me, because I distinctly remember telling my friendly Toyota salesperson that I didn't want the time machine option when I ordered my '97 Corolla (Oh, that's right ladies. You read that right!) from the dealership. I figured I could throw in an aftermarket one down the line. With a built-in DVD player. For the kids. That I don't have.

Clearly, my wishes were ignored. Allow me to explain. After the JUMP!

Special Condensed Recap: Indiana scored more points than us. D'oh.

Today, as you all know, was a Midwest game. Since the Midwest lives 3 hours in the future, the game started at 4pm here; placing me working hard behind my desk. But thanks to the good readers at GSoM (thanks allonyou!) I was able to find an audio stream to listen to the game as I pored over Excel spreadsheet after spreadsheet.

And I saw it was good.

In the first quarter, our boys came out and played clean while the Pacers fumbled the ball around like a quarterback begging for a tuck rule call. Incidentally, if you had to click on that last hyperlink to see what the tuck rule is, you probably haven't been in the Bay Area very long. But I digress.

By the end of an excellent 1st, Barnsie already had 10 in the bag, Baron had 8 with an extraordinary 6 jacks, and the Golden State Warriors were the new record holders for most steals in one quarter with 12. So next time you look in the history books under "Warriors", you may see that new entry in there! Y'know, if there's still room on the page after the entry for THE GREATEST UPSET IN NBA HISTORY!!

Honestly, you didn't think I'd actually write a whole recap without bringing that up did you? But let us continue.

As the game continued, we were treated to a bit of a scare in the second as the Warriors let the lead close to 3 points. Fortunately, I was able to blame my constant fist on my desk pounding on a particularly vexing pivot table I was building at the time. Even after they managed to get their heads under control, the half still closed with the Warriors up 4, and my blood pressure at an all time high.


Me at the half.

Ahhhh then the third quarter came around. Sweet sweet third quarter. I couldn't hear enough of Tim Roye yelling "It's gooooooooooood!" And fortunately, he didn't stop saying it. Harrington was on fire from deep after a very slow start to his game, Barnsie got in on the madness, and we ended the quarter with a quick score from Ellis and a 14 point lead!

It was at this point that I decided to leave work and listen the 4th quarter in the `Rolla. (By the way ladies, it's got 105 horses. Hell yea.) And that's when it got a little weird.

As I made my trek up 680, (dodging and swerving as usual to avoid the potholes and earthquake cracks that I get the privilege of paying 4 dollar bridge tolls for) the 4th quarter got underway. Clearing the last pothole, I came across an uncharacteristic clean stretch of highway which, after much flooring of my fine (read: crappy) automobile, allowed me to hit my maximum relax-while-I-listen-to-Warriors coasting speed. Eight eight miles per hour. (What?!) It was right around then that the lightning storm started.


What the hell was this thing doing in my trunk?!

Well when I got radio reception back, it was like I was listening to an entirely different game! I mean, we were hoisting up brick after brick after brick, throwing away our lead, and losing our heads! I mean what kind of team works their way through 3 quarters building up a sizeable lead and then gives up 46 points in the fourth?! What kind of team loses their cool by making a completely useless flagrant foul during a critical period in waning minutes of the game?! What kind of team...

And then it hit me. I wasn't watching the 2008 Warriors. I was watching the 2006 Warriors. I mean, all the major players were there. And they were behaving the exact same way. It all added up! The Warriors losing the game in the fourth. Frustration fouls. Dunleavy and Murphy looking like they were playing for the other team...

Damn you Toyota. Damn you and your small, compact, fuel efficient vehicles...

The Good:

  • Hey we're in the record books again! 12 steals in a quarter? Not a ring, but hell, we'll take it!
  • It was good to see Barnes continue the improvements that he started in Minnesota. More consistency from him can go a long way for us.
  • Although most of their missed free throws came during critical times, our cap should be tipped to the Warriors for a fine outing from the charity stripe. Not quite as fine as Indy's stellar 36 of 38, but hopefully enough to shut that guy up in the back of section 109 during our home games. (Not likely though.)

The Bad: (May want to take a seat for this one)

  • I know that we are a 3 shootin' team. And I'm not saying that we need to change that. But we might want to entertain the option of driving the ball when we have a decent lead! The long ball is a lower percentage shot. I'm fairly certain that's why it's worth 3 points! Get in there and get hacked if you must when you have a significant lead! It will lead to more fouls for them, more trips to the line for us, and less useless possessions that happen when...

  • ...we get ACED on the glass! Man did we get killed on the glass. There were times tonight when Indy had two and three chances to get a score down low. With that many second chances, there's bound to be...

  • ...a Warrior Killer born. Hey Danny Granger! Welcome to the few, the proud, the Warrior Killers. Please collect your gear and report to Sergeant Luther Head at 0800 for orientation.

  • Allen Iverson has a signature (Killer Crossover). Ray Allen has a signature (Best shooting stroke). Michael Jordan has a signature (Fadeaway J.) Now Mickael Pietrus has one. Stepping out of bounds for no damn reason at all. Congrats Mp2. You're famous...

The Ugly:

A picture is worth 1000 words.




Just let it score dudes. Maybe then it will recede back into it's hole.


I was considering TMNT simply for the clutch 3's that he nailed (especially after such a slow start), but it's really hard to ignore what Baron did tonight. 6 boards, 7 dimes, 7 jacks, 2 swats, 24 points, and in the end; one Warrior Wonder. Boom. Dizzle.

(Photos by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images and Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

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