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OPEN THREAD - GAME #41: Warriors @ Bulls

Warriors (W-L): 23-17
Bulls (W-L):  15-22
Time: 6:30pm PST
Radio: KNBR 1050

Honestly ... am I the only one who finds this guy completely annoying?

The 2007 - 2008 season has given us some new Cinderella teams vying for playoff spots. However, with every surprise team comes a disappointing disaster of a season for others. The Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls are the first that come to mind. To clarify, I'm classifying these teams as "disasters" only because they were supposed to be championship caliber contenders (say that three times real fast) only to find themselves out of the playoff picture and far far down the lottery well.

Tonight we get to feast on one of these teams. The only problem is that we were supposed to beat an average team 2 nights ago when we gave up 83 points (slight exaggeration) in the 4th quarter to the Indiana Pacers. It's being debated as one of the worst losses in recent GSW history. I'm not going to go into the relevance of that game, but lets just leave my tail between my legs (congrats indycornrows).

Another problem is that we've lost six in a row at the United Center in Chicago (I blame the cold weather). To top it all off, they have some pretty decent players who have the ability to light it up especially with our sometimes lockdown, sometimes porous defense. Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, and Andres Nocioni have consistently scorched the Warriors year after year so it will be interesting to see how Nellie wants to control this.

But here's what's important folks ... we're coming off an UGLY loss. I mean Joakim Noah ugly ... and we shall not mention that game anymore. We are on national TV tonight playing on ESPN for the entire country to see. We've been complaining for so long that the Warriors get no love from the national media, so here's our chance tonight. I say we have to come out and spank the Bulls like no other. This game is extremely important for our pride and our respect. GO WARRIORS!


  •  Warriors by 14.
  •  Barnes and Bench outscore Bulls starting unit.
  •  Ellis and Baron combine for 43.
  •  Big Ben scores a season high 4 points.
  •  Deng gets 25 and 9.
  •  Hinrich has one less assist than Baron

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