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RECAP: Warriors 119, Bulls 111: I love this team!

Final Boxscore

Baron was calm (but certainly not quiet) the entire night

To start, I here by proclaim I will forever retire all YaoButtaMing predictions on all YaoButtaMing previews. Being 1 for 2,324 has led me to believe I am bad luck. Thanks, I feel better that I've gotten that off my chest. Let me know what you think I should substitute for my predictions on my previews from now on.

Our Golden State Warriors came into last night's game against the Bulls with something to prove after their horrific loss, of which we'll never speak of again! Losing the last 6 games in the United Center they knew they were in for challenge but on national tv, they wanted this badly. What started slow in the first half, and additionally hard to watch, turned into my GSoM kind of ball which the whole nation could see and experience. We also had a chance to see the greatness of Baron, which had me thinking while I was watching, did we really only give up Speedy and Dale Davis to get Baron? I know we constantly talk about "the trade", but getting Baron has to be one of the best franchise moves, ever! Yep, better than free taco night.

Now hit the jump for the recap...

"Yo man, everyone on national TV can see that booger."
"Oh oh, thanks, is it gone now?"

The first half was disappointing. The Bulls were running the show, hitting us with every shot and playing our game. Ben Gordon and Andres Nocioni were hot, keeping the Bulls' momentum alive and swishing what looked like everything they threw up there. Joe Smith started for the Bulls and I laughed remembering how disappointed I was with this guy at Golden State and forgot he was still in the league. Our defense sure didn't help, neither did those 14 straight missed field goals. By halftime, it was luckily just an 8 point deficit.

The second half was a completely different game. Nellie must have said something at halftime to get them going. Wait, I take that back, he probably didn't say anything because he knew we'd turn it on at some point. And boy did they ever. Baron and Ellis gave us a show to remember and Jackson's 24 points and 8 assists helped the surge back. We outscored the Bulls by 16 points in the half for the victory. Barnes made a couple gorgeous passes (and a couple bonehead passes) while also pulling down 11 rebounds and out-hustling everyone to the right spots that don't show up on the stat line.

"Man I really am tough screaming and pounding my chest after that rebound.
I love myself so much. If only I could marry myself..."

Now let me take a brief pause to let you know what really grinds my gears (prize for anyone who can figure out that reference). I'm not the type of person to talk trash about a person or a team, especially after we beat them, but do you know the two players from the Bulls who completely irritate me? Big Ben and Joakim Noah. If I offend anyone in the next two paragraphs, then good! Because I count my blessings we don't have these two players on our team. Can you remember how we were thinking of drafting Noah ... ugh I shudder in embarrassment.

Olympicmike said it best in our comments last night, and it was verbatim what was going on in my mind when I saw it too.

"The only thing more annoying to me than Noah's antics was watching Ben Wallace sitting on the bench laughing as they lost the game, not bothered at all by the fact that he couldn't even get in the game in the second half. Anybody remember when Big Ben used to play hard and care about winning?"
All I could think about was the 60 million he got from the Bulls, and for what? Do you remember him complaining about the team that won him a championship? That their contract offer was insulting? And that was what? 48 million? I forget the exact number, but the fact is this guy has the ability to be a beast in this league, but has somehow given up. Just another reason I hate guaranteed contracts in this damn league. The other is Erick Dampier, but let's not open up that can of worms. Post Big Ben up on the irritating wall of money grubbing losers alongside Dampy.

Now for my "most irritating player in the league" award, it definitely goes to Noah. Again, if I insult anyone out there, good! This guy gave another perfect performance last night for me to reiterate why we should all thank whoever is up there, that we didn't draft this guy. Last night Noah gave a spectacular performance, helping his team lose, and ending the night with 7 rebounds (not bad), 1 assist, 0 steals, 0 blocks, 1 turnover, 2 fouls, and get this... 2 points. Granted he only played 16 minutes, but imagine if he played the entire game. That would be like scoring 6 points, WOW! The best part of his performance was the sudden shaking and screaming rendition of CATS when he was fouled in the paint in the third quarter. Did anyone see it? I think it's his personality more then anything that gets to me, so I'll just leave it at that. Here's my favorite quote from him minutes after the Gators won the national championship and how he's going to party, like they do, which we don't know what he means, which we actually do, idiot.

Ok, thanks for letting me rant...back to the game.


Stephen Jackson was typical Jackson. It took him nearly 3.5 quarters to warm up, again. He shot 0-93 in the first 40 minutes of the game and then decided that his hands were warm and the bucket was wide. First a layup, then he dropped a 3, mix in a couple free throws and the Warriors have the lead. Then SPLASH! With 46 seconds left, in goes the three from the corner over the outstretched arms of a helpless Bulls' defender. The Warriors make their 1 point lead a 2 possession lead from which Chicago would never recover. His 12 points in the 4th were huge, I don't know how he does it. Oh and don't forget the 9-9 performance from the line. I think there should be a Warriors rule. Stephen Jackson has to pretend to play 40 minutes of basketball before every Warriors game. Then he is allowed to come in the game. I think he'd average 50 points per game if he considered every quarter the 4th quarter.

The Bench: Nellie really wanted this game I guess because the bench hardly played. Barnes played 32 minutes, Pietrus 7, and Kelenna 7. Everyone else was DNP-CD. Baron played 45 minutes, Monta played 44 minutes, Jackson played 44 minutes, Harrington played 32 minutes, and Biedrins 27. This may not have been a must-win game but the minutes sure looked like it. Good luck tonight in Milwaukee. Those legs must be tired.

Another sweet move to the basket!

Monta Ellis had another night that demonstrated his potential and ability. His mid-range jumper was falling, he cut to the basket with his unbelievable speed and he finished ridiculously well tonight. The best part of the night? He looked like he was drinking Redbull because he was flying all over the place grabbing 7 rebounds, racing up the court, and hanging in the air on twisting, turning layup masterpieces. He finished with 23 points and 5 assists while helping Baron take the game over. I'm impressed more and more every time I see him.

He's our Mike!

Baron Davis: After the victory, Baron said he felt like Michael Jordan. And you know what? He kind of looked like him too. He's our smaller version of Jordan. Wrapped up like a freaking mummy, Baron tied his career best of 40 points. He also shot and made some ill-advised shots so I thought he was going to surpass 40, but in the end it was just another head shaking, "how does he do that?" kind of game for everyone to see. I know GSoM has given Baron A LOT of credit over the years, but I have to remind everyone to take advantage of watching this guy because not many teams have someone as exciting. Baron is completely underrated on the "star" scene and doesn't get the national media attention he should. He shot over 50% in field goals, 6 for 8 on three pointers, 8 for 8 from the line, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals. A game like this just wants me to thank Baron again, for being Baron!

Boom Dizzle is my hero, my role model, my inspiration, my favorite bandaged player, my Warrior Wonder.

If you didn't see the game here's a quick vid recap:

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