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GSoF: Championship Playoff Weekend

Don't ya just love the NFL playoffs?

Romo choked! Romo choked! Romo choked!

Man, I love saying that! Weren't the Cowboys supposed to make it to the Super Bowl? In 4 quarters a poor performance by Tony Romo and a poised Eli Manning (did I really just write that?) the Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs. Was it Romo's trip to Mexico with Jessica Simpson? Who knows. Does it really matter? Nope. Where does the blame go? Penalties - 11 for 84 yards.

Who is this guy and what did he do with Eli Manning?

Norv Turner can't win in the playoffs? What? The Chargers upset over the Colts was the most improbable situation to ever happen - LT was injured in the first half Rivers was injured in the 3rd quarter and yet the Chargers' backups pulled it together. Backup QB Billy Volek put together a 78 yard drive in the final 5 minutes of the game to take the lead. Then, the Chargers defense stepped in and stopped Manning and the Colts on 4th down. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Norv Turner knows what he's doing!

Maybe you should be more like your brother

Make the jump to see my Championship Weekend predictions!

NFC Divisional  
New York Giants @
Green Bay Packers
Wouldn't a Packers win just be right? Brett Favre, the man who just doesn't seem to stop, gets another Super Bowl appearance accompanied with players that watched him in his prime? With the way the Packers are playing, I have no faith that Eli can pull this one off (but then again, I had no faith the Giants would get this far anyway). The cast of Green Bay just is too good to be stopped by whatever the Giants could potentially bring. And its in Green Bay. I can see it now - in ten years, Disney's about to release "Timeless" staring Shia LaBeof as Brett Favre...
NFC Divisional  
San Diego Chargers@
New England Patriots
17-0. That alone is enough to put in my vote for the Patriots. They have the winning mentality to bring them the whole way, a team full of all the offensive weapons that any QB could imagine, and a defense that pulls together every week. The Chargers are too beat up to handle the Patriots. Say it with me now, 18-0

What are your thoughts and predictions about Championship Playoff Weekend?

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