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OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Mavs - Do You Believe?


Warriors (W-L): 19-13

Mavs (W-L): 20-11

Time: 5:30PM PST tip off

TV FSN Bay Area

Vegas Odds Mavs by 5.5 (source:

Well look at this! What better way to start a brand spanking New Year than by re-enacting the greatest triumph of our previous year?

Fate, it would seem, agrees. Why else would our first game of 2008 be against none other than the mighty Dallas Mavericks?

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Make no mistake here, there is a rivalry a-brewin' between these two teams and their fans. (All in good fun of course!) Though we've proven that we can dispatch of this elite Western Conference superpower, it that doesn't mean that the Mavs OR their fans like it.

As we step into the Mavs' house tonight for the first time since (say it with me now) THE GREATEST UPSET IN NBA HISTORY, it's a pretty safe bet that the home crowd is going to be a giant factor. They're going to loud. They're going to be hostile.

And in the end, they're going be disappointed.

This isn't like the beginning of the year when the Mavs caught the Warriors in the middle of a streak of losses with Jackson riding the pine. (And by "pine", I mean sitting on his couch at home because he wasn't even allowed in the Arena.)

Our boys are in full swing now. I expect them to come out fighting because regardless of our past with the Mavs, this one is not going to come easy.


- Baron lights up the Mavs with 25+ points and 10+ dimes
- Dirk stays under 15 points.
- J-Rich runs through the tunnel onto the floor in a Warrior uniform and hits a last second spinning 3 for the win.
- Cuban makes a sulky face. A fan behind him flaunts his We Believe shirt.
- Warriors by 5.

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