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Recap: Warriors 119, Bucks 99- Now That Was Yi-sy

Now that was easy. Too easy. Way too Yi-sy.

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This is pretty much all the Bucks' fans had to cheer about all night.

Final Boxscore

Let's buck this down after the jump.

1st Half: No One Expected the Unexpected
The Warriors ran away with this game in the 2nd half, particularly with their 41-22 run in the 3rd quarter, but the 1st half is where all the interesting stuff happened.

  • The Warriors coaching staff has a schizophrenic view of Mickael Pietrus. They double-listed MP2 as both active and inactive for the night which made Matt Barnes ineligible for the game [see Ouch ... the Warriors cost themselves Matt Barnes tonight ... from SFGate for more details]. Nellie explained this peculiar mistake in a very smart way [SFGate]:
    "Actually, Keith Smart left him off because he was watching the adult movie channel when he should have been concentrating on drawing up the roster. So we're going to take that privilege away from him for the rest of the year -- no more adult movies for Keith Smart."
    Um, that's seriously "unstoppable baby!"

  • Nellie went D-League in the first half playing Patrick O'Bryant (6 minutes), Kosta Perovic (6), Kelenna Azubuike (7), and CJ Watson (15) some big minutes. The obvious explanation for Nellie going NBDL on the Bucks was he was trying to rest his starters after their heavy minutes the previous night. But something tells me this was Nellie's way of showcasing the Warriors 2006 draft disaster (POB and Kosta), while also making another cry for help. I'm expecting a much-needed shakeup before the trade deadline.

  • In a shocking move Patrick O'Bryant was the first forward/ center Nellie called off the bench. Popcorn O'Bryant even threw in a ridiculously beautiful high sky hook from a few feet out. I don't think anybody in the league can blockor even challenge that shot. POB even forced Andrew Bogut into 3 consecutive turnovers. So what prevented O'Bryant from playing more? 3 fouls in 7 and a half minutes.

    I've said it before, but I'll sneak this in one more time since it's anyone's guess when O'Bryant will ever play again. This man has much more god given talent and athleticism than Andris Biedrins. On talent alone he should be starting ahead of him and doing a lot more damage than the very limited Biedrins. The problem- and this is a BIG problem- is O'Bryant doesn't seem to want it that badly. I'll take a less talented, but hungrier and more focused guy like Biedrins over O'Bryant any day.

  • Kosta Perovic who is most known around these parts for his zero threat position made his NBA debut tonight. Much to my surprise he actually looked pretty solid. He finished two easy layups right near the buck and grabbed 4 rodmans in only 6 and a half minutes of playing time. The most impressive part of his outing was that he didn't appear to be intimidated or nervous one bit.

    And of course after Kosta swatted Bogut from behind which prevented a dunk GSoM friend Jim Barnett exclaimed "he's just as nice as that face looks!" I seriously doubt Kosta pans out for the Dubs or in the NBA, but I really hope he does. He just provides us with some excellent material to work with here at GSoM.

  • Amazing stat of the night: At the half the Warriors had 18 points from their center trio and the Bucks got 20 points from Michael Redd (oh wait- Redd's Warrior Killer impersonation in the first 2 quarters was expected).

  • Kosta and POB got into the game and played well before both Marco Belinelli and Brandan Wright. The Marco part wasn't that surprising as he hasn't exactly given Nellie much of a reason to give him minutes and truth be told he'd be in the D-League if he didn't refuse. However watching Wright only get some garbage time in the 4th was a little surprising. Has he really fallen down the depth chart below Kosta and POB? Something doesn't seem Wright. Any ideas?

  • Through the first 2 quarters Jack had 5 dimes (8 total for the night). It was nice seeing him make such a concerted effort to get his teammates involved. A very smart outing for Jackson overall.

I think this is that new dance style that's popular in Milwaukee.

Even though the Warriors were only up 53-52 at the half, it made for some pretty interesting times. Hope you didn't get used to it though. I'll put big bucks (the opposite of how the Bucks played in the 3rd quarter) that Popcorn O'Bryant, Kosta Coast, Kaz, and KBLX don't all play in a first half together in a Warriors uniform... ever.

2nd Half: Firing Buckshots
The Warriors were firing on all cylinders in the 3rd quarter. In particular Al Harrington came out on fire to start the 3rd dropping 8 points in the first 2 minutes of the quarter. It was nice to see him rebound from his struggles in the Bulls game on national TV. He shot the ball very well tonight, nailing 50% of his 3's and going 10-17 overall. His 27 points led the Warriors and were a big reason this W came so easy.

Al had 5 trey's and was +22 on the night- TURTLE POWER!

Baron Davis also had another stellar performance. He dropped 19 points, hit all 5 of his free throws, and dished out 8 dimes. With 15 seconds left at the end of the 3rd quarter Boom launched another one of those "what the hell is he thinkin- YESSSSS!" three's. It actually led to a bizarre 2 for 1 courtesy of a dumb foul by Redd. Also, let's give BD some major credit for his 3 picks tonight. Right now he's just barely behind Chris Paul in thievery for the league lead.

Another smart game.

Seriously Though, What the Buck?
If you look up and down this Bucks roster they don't seem like they should be this bad, but here's why they got blown out by the Warriors:

  • Former #1 overall draft pick Andrew Bogut walked away with an impressive 21-10 stat line with a block and a steal. However, he didn't really impress. The Bucks really seemed to force their offense through and him and he wasn't up to the task. You can't have your #1 option turn the ball over 6 times. I will give him credit for that one beautiful back door pass to a cutter though. Bogut looked like Arvydas Sabonis there for s second.

    Also, I'd hate to go hard on a guy who got the Stephen Jackson treatment from the refs in the 3rd quarter. I can't believe they gave him a tech for clapping. Yes clapping a la Jack in Game 2 of last year's SHOCK THE WORLD series.

  • Michael Redd was pretty much MIA in the 2nd half. It looked like he was going to be tonight's Warrior Killer, but he disappeared. On a side note, can you imagine how good this guy would be if he was actually in shape? I have no idea why no one ever brings this up. Come to think of it, don't be surprised if Isiah Thomas finds a way to add him to the twinkie trio of Zach Randolph, Eddy Curry, and Jerome James.

  • That Yi fella is good. Get him the rock. How can you get this guy only 7 shots? This isn't a case like Andris Biedrins where you have to get him the rock in certain select spots for him to score. You can get Yi the rock out near 3pt line or in the low block and he can score or create for his teammates.

    I heard through the grapevine that Nellie liked him a lot this past summer, but Chris Mullin wasn't as big of a fan. I'll boldly proclaim that if Yi was on the Warriors right now he'd be a 14 points and 7 boards a game solid player off the bench for Nellie. Yi and Nellie- let's make it happen.

  • If Charlie Villanueva was interested in joining the Warriors in some type of exchange for Mickael Pietrus, he sure made a terrible audition. He was a complete non-factor in the game and left with a -22 +/-.

  • That was just an awful coaching job by the Bucks coaching staff. Smart coaches make in game adjustments. That was a Monty-like performance by Larry Krystkowiak and company by not switching up their defensive schemes to cover the Warrior shooters from outside or denying passes into Biedrins 2 feet away from the bucket.

Tonight's award goes to Andris Biedrins. In the first quarter when Biedrins picked up 2 fouls in the opening 6 minutes and fumbled away a few very catchable passes, Nellie gave him the hook in favor of POB. It looked like Biedrins' recent struggles were going to continue, but he ended up having a very nice night. Jackson in particular did an amazing job getting him the rock at precisely the right spots and times. Biedrins walked away with 20 points (8-10 shooting), 10 boards, and 3 steals.

Dunk you very much!

His disgusting free throw form still makes you cringe, but give the man his due. He knocked down all 4 of his attempts from the charity stripe and is shooting 62.5% on the season up from 52.1% and 30.6% from previous seasons. If he can get that free throw rate up into the 70's, I don't think people can knock him for his shooting at the line anymore. It doesn't matter how ugly it is, as long as it goes in. Just ask Shawn Marion.

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Photos by Gary Dineen/NBAE/Getty Images + AP Photo/ Ron Kuenstler

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