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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Timberwolves

Warriors (W-L): 25-17

Timberwolves (W-L): 5-34

Time: 1:00pm PST

TV:FSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 1050

Our heroes return from what was nearly an undefeated road trip. 3-1 and finishing it off with a blowout on the 2nd game of a back to back? Nice. This team is taking care of the teams it should be beating and continuing to handle their business on the road. Today is another one of those "should win" games. Although it's the Warriors third game in 4 days and even though they're facing the worst team in the league, they still need to bring it. Bring out the brooms, let's go for the season sweep of the Twolves. Make the jump for more thoughts.

The Twolves play hard and if the Warriors aren't careful this could be a lot closer than it should be. The last couple games against the Twolves has been too close for comfort. There was the December 26 game where the Warriors got a little too complacent and let a double digit lead shrink to 4. Then there was the January 15 game where the Warriors just couldn't shake the Wolves off their tail. The game wound up just a 7 point W.

The Warriors really need to take care of business early and keep the Wolves at bay. The past couple games have been a matter of the Warriors getting complacent and thinking that they can just turn it on at any moment. One of these games, that might not work and the Warriors may be another Minnesota victim. Additionally, the Warriors need to be able to rest their starters, Baron and Jax specifically. They play 1 game in the next 5 days, so any time off today just increases that rest time.

I want to see the young guys play, but I don't want them to blow a lead that the starters build up. So they should sprinkle them in as the game goes along. Take Baron and Biedrins out and put CJ and POB in there. Next time, put Baron and Biedrins back in there but replace Jax and Al with Wright and Marco. So rest the big guns, but not all at once. Mix the young guys in with the big guns so that they can get experience playing with the best, not with each other.

It's the official MLK holiday and I'm stuck at work and sick. Feel pity for me, dammit. Go Warriors, I'll watch the game on tivo when I get home for what will be a victorious recap. By the way, isn't it ridiculous that the Warriors are playing nearly .600 ball and barely in the 8th spot in the West? That's tough. At least we're tied with Portland now.


  • Warriors win by 15
  • Nellie empties the bench.
  • Another Kosta sighting? Signs point to YES.
  • Keith Smart gets the lineup card correct
  • Antoine Walker shoots more 3's than 2's

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