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Quickie: Kawakami Q&A with Mullin

If you haven't got a chance yet to read Tim Kawakami's blog post today, make sure to drop by: Chris Mullin Q & A: Not planning big changes for the Warriors, talking about Brandan Wright. He interviews Mullin about the current state of the Warriors. Of course, Mullin doesn't really ever say anything publicly about what he's planning, but this is still an interesting read nonetheless. He covers possible trades for a big man, is Brandan Wright going to play, CJ Watson, and more.

Talked to Chris Mullin yesterday and, unless he was doing another classic Mullin head-fake, it does not sound like he's seriously anticipating a major or even middling Warriors move as the NBA transitions from the half-way point to the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

He probably will do something. On the margins, though. I didn't see Mullin pulling the trigger on something large before I talked to him, and now I definitely don't...

Which brings me to the final one, and probably the most significant one: Mullin, as he indicates in the Q & A, doesn't have anybody left he really wants to trade.

My favorite part after the jump...

-Q: Don’t you need a big guy?

-MULLIN: I believe we can play this way. I believe you have to find the right player, not so much a ‘big player.’ A big player that can’t play our style is a big player sitting on the bench next to Nellie.

I think it’s a legitimate debate, a legitimate question. But we’ve been pretty successful especially against big teams by not playing big.

With us, (outsiders said) for a little while it was the defense, we don’t play enough D, no D, no D, no D… But it’s really about getting stops at the right time and not having shooting really high percentages against you. Not just the score.


I think as we move forward, some of the guys we have could become that (difficult power-forward matchup in the Warriors’ favor).

Brandan has length and when he gets stronger could become one of those guys we have trouble with… He could become that guy.

Andris, as he gets stronger, he’ll be the kind of long quick guy that bothers us. Developing them, that isn’t always the most comfortable thing.

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