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Rumor: Warriors "Seriously Interested" in Chris Webber

This is big. Bigger than Dennis Rodman teamming up with former foes Scottie Pippen and the Bulls in the late 90's. Bigger than Kobe and Phil together on the Lakers. Bigger than Shaq and Kobe hi-fiving on Xmas day. Yes this is Nas and Jay-Z making up big.

Hmmm, dozen you say?
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A few days back Martin McNeel from the SacBee wrote a piece not so subtly trying to make a connection between Nellie eating at Chris Webber's joint near Sac and these two longtime bestest of buddies looking to reunite on the Warriors (see Grandma's diary Full Circle: Nelson, Webber to reunite?). It honestly seemed absolutely absurd.

Well hell might actually freeze over. Marcus Thompson II and Geoff Lepper from the CC Times have the juicy details for you:

The Warriors are "seriously interested" in free-agent big man Chris Webber, a team source confirmed Friday night.

Two team officials confirmed that the Warriors are in discussions with Webber, who played his rookie season with the Warriors in 1993-94. There is some belief the two parties are close to an agreement.

A different source confirmed that Webber and Warriors coach Don Nelson, who separated on bad terms in 1994, have talked in an attempt to put the past behind them.

Warriors executive vice president of basketball operations Chris Mullin has said a big man is on his wish list.

A few random, disjointed thoughts (hey the thought of Webber and Nellie on the Warriors together again will do that to you if you're a longtime Warrior fan):

  • I remain convinced to this day that Chris Webber (CWebb!), Latrell Sprewell (Spree for 3!), Tim Hardaway (killer crossover!), Chris Mullin (buzz cut!), Billy Owens (not nearly the bust people make him out to be), Chris Gatling (I used to wonder how he got through airport security), Victor Alexander (Big Vic!), Avery Johnson (the general!), Jud Buechler (a more athletic Brian Cardinal), and Keith Jennings (the biggest 5-7 guy in league history) would've won more than 1 NBA title together. Ronny Seikaly and CWebb might've worked too. I'd even say that whole Houston Clutch City doesn't go down in 1995.

    We were ROBBED.

  • Did Nellie really have to constantly ride this barely 20 year old kid so hard back then? Why Nellie? Why?!

  • Was this drama just a way for then new Warrior owner Chris Cohan to escape from paying big bucks to Webber for the next decade?

  • Do you think Webber has the numbers to make it into the hall of fame? What if he and Nellie got inducted together?

  • Good thing the Warriors play that slow down tempo with all those half court sets that a hobbled CWebb in the twilight of his career would thrive in. Oh wait...

  • I was 14 when the Warriors traded Webber to the Bullets for Tom Gugliotta and three 1st round picks (to make up for the ones they moved to the Magic along with Penny Hardaway). I almost cried that day. For the next few months I couldn't believe what the Warriors had done. I just didn't want to believe it. Could they really be that dumb? I wanted a schoolyard "do-over" on that trade in the worst way.

  • If you thought Troy Murphy couldn't move laterally on D, wait till you get a load of CWebb post-knee injury.

  • It's 2008, not 1994 right?

  • We might never see such an amazing 4/5 passing combo like Chris Webber and Vlade Divac ever again. Hopefully people remember them for that. It was revolutionary and may never be duplicated again. They were the complete opposite of the Twin Turnovers you see in Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry big man combo.

  • I remember a few years ago during the 2004 Western Semifinals between the Kings and Timberwolves shortly after Webber's microfracture surgery. The door was about to close on the Kings' amazing run at the turn of the century and he was saying how much he wanted to win not only for himself, but for all the people who helped him along during his career. One of the people he named was Chris Mullin. Pretty cool.

  • Is he really in good enough shape to play right now?

  • I'm not saying he's a great fit for Warrior Tempo, but here's what he brings to the table even with his age and worn down knees: fantastic passing out of the high/mid/low post, high hoops IQ (just make sure there's a timeout left at the end of the game though!), a consistent jumper from the elbow, solid rebounding, and the ability to sprinkle in a few 20-10 games here and there.

  • Good teams will find a way to slow the Warriors down especially in the playoffs and down the stretch in this tight Western Conference playoff race for big chunks of the game. Webber would give the Warriors a new dimension to keep their offense flowing in the halfcourt. Imagine Webber setting a screen for Monta a la Mike Bibby and opening up some more opportunities for Ellis to hit those midrange J's. Imagine Webber dishing the rock to a cutting Baron Davis or Matt Barnes for an easy 2 in the lane. Might be crazy enough to actually work. Hey, we all know Nellie's crazy enough to make it work.

  • Regardless of how well it pans out on the hardwood this is just a great feel good story if it goes down. For longtime Warrior fans it's the final chapter of the curse. It's a great way for Nellie and Webber to end their respective careers. Life's too short for these two proud men to close up shop without reuniting one last time. It's symbolic.

    For longtime Warrior fans it's spiritual healing. Sure it's absurd, but in that "Unstoppable Baby!" tradition this would be really special for those of us who suffered through the 12 year drought.

  • I'm "seriously interested" in picking up Webber and Payton Warrior jerseys.

If CWebb and Nellie can work it out how hard can world peace really be?


CDubbz to the Dubs

CWebb: "How about we meet back here in about say 14 years?"
Nellie: "Sure thing. You bring the cheap American cold ones."

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