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Chris Webber Says "It's a Done Deal"

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Well it looks like it's a done deal and will be made official tomorrow.

America's Next Top Warrior!

Use your hops for some more Webber links. (Yes this honestly amuses me more than The Yi Movement!)

Straight from eWebber []:

Chris Webber told on Monday night that he will arrive in Oakland on Tuesday to formally re-join the Golden State Warriors.

"I'll be there tomorrow," Webber said via e-mail. "It's a done deal."

Thanks to GSoM reader CallMeKang for alerting the community about this in a diary.

Geoff Lepper's got the details on the numbers and more [Contra Costa Times]:

Webber's deal is expected to be worth approximately $550,000, although the Warriors will be reimbursed roughly $200,000 from the league under salary cap rules meant to encourage the signing of veteran free agents.

Seriously though major props to Martin McNeal from the Sac's finest paper. I'm sure he heard a few jokes about his original piece that made the connection between Nellie eating at Chris Webber's restaurant and things going full circle.

What's ribs got to do with?

It looks like everything.

More golden coverage:

It looks this signing will also bring an end to Troy Hudson's tenure with the Warriors:

Another source confirmed the team has put in for waivers on injured guard Troy Hudson, clearing the way for Webber, a five-time All-Star, to join the club.

Best of luck to T-Hud. Hopefully he gets another chance in the NBA, but if he doesn't get that opportunity he should feel proud of his solid 11 year NBA career. Remember Hudson was undrafted (not just the album!) and worked his way to become a key member of Magic and Timberwolves playoff teams. It would be great if recently extended CJ Watson's career fit that mold as well. Also see: Troy Hudson's Season Probably Over

When we first planned GSoM Night 3 we thought it was going to be exciting with fan fav Jason Richardson coming back home. Little did we know it was also going to be a throwback to 1993-1994. Let's welcome J-Rich and CWebb with some of that golden GSoM treatment. I expect standing ovations for both fellas. Bonus points to anyone who sports a retro 1993-1994 Chris Webber Warriors jersey (under your GSoM Night 3 tee of course!).

I know we're days away, but what are your predictions for Friday's big GSoM Night 3? Think the old gang of Spree, Timy Hardaway, Billy Owens, Avery, Gatty, Big Vic, Byron Houston, Keith Jennings, and Jud Buechler will be there too?


More links on C-eeing Webber on the Warriors:

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