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YouTube Tuesday - Express Yourself


While you wait for the traditional dope Atma recap on a not-so-dope-game, let's hop into the wayback machine and go to a time when things were better in Warriorland.

See, now that C-Webb has joined the ranks again, many of us are filled with glimmers of hope. For as much as we cannot deny his age, we also cannot deny his skill, his hoops IQ, and overall god given talent for the game of basketball.

So let us reach back into our inner depths and think back to when Webber and the Warriors gave us the warm and fuzzies. A time when your very own GSoM boys were rockin' Hypercoler shirts in 7th and 8th grade. A time when BMX ruled the biking world. A time when Jurassic Park was rocking the box office and when the only thing cooler on the radio that 2Unlimited's - No Limit was Ace of Base's - All That She Wants... (or vice versa.)

Heh heh heh. Hell yea!

Or simply, a time when Webber and Spree sat down to get a cut, and make this GSoM favorite Nike commercial.

Props to Atma and nautica for digging up this old classic. I don’t believe in role models but uh… you mine.

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