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GSoF: Week 17 Recap and GSoF Winners!

I saw this two too many times


Even if I wanted to hate on the Patriots, Tom Brady, or Randy Moss - I can't. This team deserves all that they accomplished for doing what seemed to be the impossible - going unbeaten in the regular season.

But remember, that's unbeaten - not undefeated. There's still the playoffs and potentially the Superbowl!

So for all you Patriots fans - here's a quick list of the records they set this year...

  • Tom Brady threw for 50 TD passes.
  • Randy Moss had 23 TD receptions.
  • The Patriots had 75 total TDs.
  • The Patriots scored a total of 589 total points.
  • The Patriots had a regular season record of 16-0

Mad props to the NY Giants for putting up an amazing fight for giving it their all. They weren't ready to just fall over in defeat and I respect that. Unfortunately , they lost a few key players due to injuries which might affect their outcome in the playoffs...but we'll see.

Enough Patriots love, hit up the jump to see the three official GSoF winners! Your Warrior tickets AND GSoM T-Shirts from the GSoM Store 2.0 are just one click away!

According to the rules set on Week 1 the top 3 winners (minimum 15 weeks) would win a GSoM T-Shirt of their choice + a pair of lowerbowl tickets to a Warriors game.

The winners were calculated from the weekly Ball Hype scores - I simply took everyone's values and plugged them into an Excel sheet.

For those that participated all 17 weeks, I dropped the two lowest scores to make it to the minimum of 15 weeks. If you participated 16 weeks, I dropped one score.

After doing long hard calculations (I love being an engineer), the final winners were...

Page 1

Page 2

  • tut123408 with a final score of 3.97!
  • vietsta4o8 with a final score of 1.96!
  • Zorgon with a final score of 2.72!

E-mail us at with your address and which shirt you would like from the GSoM Store 2.0 and we'll send those free T-Shirts! We'll also get those free Warriors tickets to ya through e-mail!

Thanks to all of the 46 people that participated at some point for the Weekly GSoF picks! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Another special thank you to Zorgon for putting up the unofficial scores after the game on Sunday and for being such a great supporter!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for playoff and Super Bowl coverage!

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