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GSOM Night 3 & 4 - It's On

Allright allright, the GSoM Night party is back! We had nearly 900 people at GSoM Night 2 on opening night vs Utah. The game didn't turn out to be much fun, but the night was a big success. We had a raffle, got on the jumbotron, went to the courtside shootaround, had 16 and unders high-5 the players, and got to sport Tony.psd's slammin T-shirts.

We have 2 more events coming up and you can buy tickets to one or both in a package deal. The goodies will be similar to what you got in GSoM Night 2. Hit the jump for all the info - we have a lot to throw your way.

Let's get down to business. I'll try to keep this short and sweet to get you the info you need. First off, we have 2 events coming up.

GSoM Night 3: Friday, Feb. 1 vs Charlotte Bobcats

  1. JRich Returns
    One of the most popular Warriors plays his first game back in Oakland in a non-Warrior uniform. If Adonal Foyle got a 5-10 minute tribute, can you imagine what JRich will get? That might be worth the price of admission alone!

  2. Limited Tickets
    We're offering up upper bowl tickets at 2 price levels - $30 tickets (originally $35) and $40 tickets (originally $48). I'll be honest, there aren't many tickets left for this game since it's a popular one but Warriors group ticket sales rep Chris Murphy secured as many tickets as he could for us. Check it out. Right now he's guaranteeing us 250 tickets in sections 211-215 and another 86 in 219. If we buy those up, he'll open up as many more as possible. So, if you want in on this game, contact Chris ASAP (see below). What do you get with those tickets? Read on.

  3. Free GSoM Night 3 T-shirt
    The first 500 people to buy tickets receive the GSoM Night 3 t-shirt for free. Just like last time, the t-shirt is going to be hot. Everyone in the arena will want it, but it's exclusive to GSoM. Tony.psd is doing the design so you can be sure it's going to make you look good. We're working on the design but will unveil it soon.

  4. Courtside Shootaround
    The first 100 people to buy tickets get to head down courtside around 6p to sit and watch the Warriors and Bobcats warm up. Up close and personal.

  5. Raffle
    Free! Yes, free Warriors memorabilia, lower and upper bowl tickets, autographed items, and possibly some JRich signed items. Did I mention you get a chance at this all free with your ticket?

  6. High 5 the Players
    20 kids ages 16 and under will be selected at random to high 5 the players as they come out of the locker room. Sign your kids up for this experience they'll never forget.

GSoM Night 4: Friday, March 21 vs Houston Rockets

  1. Yao & TMac
    Yao and TMac make their final visit to the Oracle for the season in what could be a pivotal game for the Warriors' playoff chances.

  2. Tickets
    Same as the Charlotte game except we have some more reserved. Tickets are in 2 pricing levels, $30 tickets (originally $35) and $40 tickets (originally $48). We have 400 tickets reserved between sections 228 and 203. Once we buy those up, we can buy more and more tickets in other sections. Houston is one of the most popular games of the season, so you'll want to gobble these up quick.

  3. T-Shirt, Raffle, Courtside Shootaround, etc
    We haven't confirmed that there will be a raffle, free t-shirt, or how many people get to attend the courtside shootaround, but you can be sure that we're going to push for these to hook you guys up.

Purchasing Information
You can purchase tickets to either game, but we're offering the two games as a package deal so you get a discount if you purchase both. If you want tickets to only one of the games, the tickets come in 2 price levels - $30 tickets (originally $35) and $40 tickets (originally $48). If you purchase the package deal, you get both games for $58 (for the $30 tickets) or $75 (for the $40 tickets). So if you plan on attending both games, be sure to grab the package deal and save a few bucks. Here's how you purchase the tickets:

Contact Chris Murphy, Warriors group tickets sales representative

Phew. That was a lot of information. Hopefully I covered everything, but if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Expect GSoM Night to be crazy, something you won't forget. We secured two of the most popular Friday games for you and hope to see you all there!

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