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Rumor: Warriors Interested in Gary Payton

With the Warriors waiving the DJ yesterday and T-Hud being out for the season at least, you'd hope calling up Kosta Perovic was just a first step to some much needed roster changes. Is bringing back a hoops legend the next move? From Janny Hu [SFGate]:

The Warriors are looking to improve their team's passing and all-around savvy, and one option is signing Oakland native Gary Payton out of retirement to play for his hometown team.

Though questions surround Payton, 39, who hasn't played since last season, sources say there has been enough mutual interest on both sides to merit recent conservations, and Mullin didn't exactly dismiss the possibility.

"I mean, again, there's a lot of different scenarios we're going to look at, probably more guards than bigs and swings," Mullin said when asked directly about Payton.

Payton's agent, Aaron Goodwin, declined to comment.

If the glove fits, you must bring back the hit!

Make the jump for a few thoughts and links on GP.

For years (meaning dating back to the mid 90's) I've wanted the Warriors to bring back the GP to the Bay. He brings to the table extremely high hoops IQ, a desire to win, leadership, and solid fundamentals. Plus he's so Bay wit it!

A few links to reminisce about one of the greatest point guards of all time:

Sadly Payton isn't exactly a diaper dandy anymore and I don't think he has that much left in the tank. I'm guessing he's still in phenomenal shape as he was during his whole playing career, but I have my doubts about a 39 year old with such heavy mileage being able to run and gun in Nellieball. Clippers point guard Sam Cassell is around the same age as GP and still playing solid ball for the Clips, but I'm not sure he could handle the pace of Nellieball either. Not to take anything away from Payton, but at this point in his career his name is bigger than his game.

The Warriors might actually be better off taking a shot with a NBDLer or someone with some upside. Typically you win with experienced, good vets and die with young, inexperienced youth, but given Payton's age and naturally declining playing ability this is probably a situation where you toss out that guideline. Is Payton at this age really going to give you that much more on the court than a call up? Names rumored to be on the trading block like Carlos Arroyo, Kenyon Dooling, Jason Williams, and Smush Parker would probably give the Warriors more on court production than Payton at this point too. On the free agent front Earl Boykins' price tag is going to be much higher, but at about 8 years younger than Payton he's probably a much better option as well.

I won't lie though. If the Warriors bring back The Glove for a final home going, I'd be ecstatic. I'd even turn up the volume on my TV set a few more notches to see if I can pick up a bit of his hilarious trash talking!

Does one of Oaktown's finest still have enough left in the tank to help the Dubs out this season? Do you want the Warriors to add him to the roster?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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