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Warriors Call Up Charles Watson aka CJ Watson aka Quiet Storm

Well we knew something was coming. The Warriors have called up NBDL point guard Charles Watson aka CJ Watson aka "Quiet Storm" from the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. Looks like Nellie will get to rest Baron Davis a little bit more now. Watson will be on a 10-day contract, but hopefully he's a longer term solution for the Warriors backup PG needs. For more check out Call-Up #9: CJ Watson to Golden State [DraftExpress] and Warriors to sign CJ Watson [Inside the Warriors].

A storm named CJ is coming to the Bay!

Make the jump for some more info on the Quiet Storm.

I already know what your first question is. "What's up with that fresh nickname Quiet Storm?" In CJ's words [CJ Watson: An Introduction]:

The nickname quiet storm came from my sister, back when I was 17. She gave me the nickname just before I was going to get it tattooed on my arm. It sounded good, so I ran with it, and it fits me well, so it’s been with me ever since-- because I'm quiet by nature, but my game will hit you and have you caught up like a storm. Don't ask me, but hey it fits, if you know me well. Which many claim they do, but only few really do.

Since we treat our folks good here, I'd like to give CJ a new nickname. I'm showing my age here, but I'm bestowing CJ with the balla nicknames "102.9" and "KBLX".

Another unstoppable nickname coined at GSoM!

102.9 was the December NBDL Player of the Month!

See J links:

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CJ's a fellow blogger so hopefully we can get him on for a world famous GSoM Q&A soon. DraftExpress President Jonathan Givony blessed us with a great Q&A [Brandan Wright | Marco Belinelli | Stephane Lasme | 2007 NBA Draft Class] earlier this season and this DraftExpress blogger and new Warrior would undoubtedly be really fun to have on our show sometime.

Think CJ and the Warriors are a good match?

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