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YouTube Tuesday: I Knew I Liked That Guy!!!

Hey c'mon now... I know it's easy to hate a guy like `Melo. He's rich. He's young. He rips our defense apart every time we play the Nuggets. He gets to play with A.I.

But seriously man... why all the hate? He's not so bad. He genuinely seems like a good guy! I mean, if there was an old lady standing on a street corner, I'm sure he'd help her cross the street! That's what good people do!

If `Melo was coming out of the grocery store and there was a group of girl scouts selling cookies, I bet he'd buy a few boxes. Even if all they had left were those crappy Trefoil cookies. Y'know, the shortbread ones completely devoid of chocolate anywhere on the cookie. Why do they even make those?! But I digress...

Most importantly, if `Melo saw a hardworking point guard that wasn't getting credit due, well, I believe that he would endorse him for the All-Star game. Even if that point guard wasn't on his team. Even if he played for the Warriors. Why?

That's just the kind of guy that `Melo is.

(Mad love to our girl MissGossip for conducting and sending us this interview. Also, mad jealousy that she gets to hang out with NBA players. But more the love thing.)

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