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YouTube Tuesday II: Focus Your All-Star Votes Here!

I saw this tonight on tv and even though it's not Warriors related, it's hilarious. I had to put this up here to accompany Hash's Melo video. With all the diaries about All-Star voting, I just want to throw this name out there. Vote for Chris Bosh! He's a great young star getting no exposure in Toronto. Him and Jose Calderon are tearing it up for the Raptors but get 0 press. Plus he's a great actor, check it out.

If you get points for creativity (or being desperate) this wins hands down. Definite style points. Good to see the normally reserved Bosh's personality come out. Be scary if that's how he normally spoke, although he did go to school in the South. Hmmm... Now only if Bubba was on the ballot, I'd vote for him too.

I could see Jax doing this. He is the sheriff after all and sheriffs wear cowboy hats. Call Lucasarts and let's get this produced.

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