Yahoo / Ball Don't Lie shoutout to GSoM

While we all know that Golden State of Mind is one of the best blogs / communities in the sports fan world (not jut nba, mind you), it's nice for us (and mostly the real bloggers) to get some recognition.  I fell upon this posting on Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie, ranking the top 3 Warriors Blogs, and it was no surprise to see GSoM at #1.  Nevertheless, they did include a little blurb about our little community here which I thought was pretty cool:

1. Golden State of Mind - One of the best websites around. Not just in the blog scene, not just for NBAniks, just a fantastic site that houses a great hoops community and a righteous blog. Early in the internets game, back in the mid-to-late 90s, you could tell that the Warriors had a pretty special fan base. So it was no surprise when a formidable site like this took off a few years later.

check out the full post here:,111867&post_comment=1&success=1


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